At Flowmaster, it’s not a one-size-fits-all mentality. Flowmaster offers five different exhaust system families, so you can choose the perfect tone for your vehicle from mild to aggressive. Each of our systems offers tuned performance enhancements designed to increase your vehicle’s power, torque and overall enjoyment. Each Flowmaster system is designed and built on a chassis dynamometer for optimal performance and perfect fitment.

Whether it’s a domestic or imported truck, SUV, off-road warrior, daily driver, muscle car, Euro-spec cruiser or compact sports car, Flowmaster technicians personally hand select the right muffler, pipe size, resonator and tip to make the process easy for you. Best of all, Flowmaster stainless steel systems are included in our lifetime limited warranty, ensuring that your exhaust will last for the entire time you own your vehicle.

1.Flowmaster 717887 FlowFX Cat-Back Exhaust System

Large 4.50" black ceramic coated stainless steel tip

FlowFX "straight-through" high performance muffler

Uses factory coat hanger location

Easy and quick installation

Deep, powerful sound

A new FlowFX® Cat-back exhaust system is available for the 2015-2020 Ford F-150 with the 2.7-liter, 3.5-liter Ecoboost, 3.5-liter Ti-VCT and 5.0-liter engines. Bolted to the factory flange, this stainless steel performance exhaust system features a large 3.00-inch mandrel bend that flows into a “straight-through” FlowFX performance silencer.

A large single mandrel bend exhaust pipe leads from behind the passenger-side rear tires and ends with a large 4.50-inch black ceramic-coated exhaust pipe embossed with the Flowmaster® name. The system produces a deep, powerful sound outside the vehicle, a medium tone inside the cab and utilizes the factory hanger location for easy installation. All necessary parts, hardware and easy-to-follow detailed instructions are included.

2.Flowmaster Super 10 Mandrel-Bent Dual Truck Exhaust Kit

single 3"/dual 2.5" Flowmaster Super 10 Muffler

Two 2.5" Mandrel-bent tailpipes, cut and swedged

Two 3.5"x18" WELD-ON angle-cut chrome tips

Multi-depth insulated hangers & muffler clamps

Bring our most aggressive Alfa sound to your truck with a high performance dual exhaust system with Flowmaster Super 10 mufflers! The Flowmaster Super 10 (8430152) features a single-chamber construction and is the most powerful-sounding Flowmaster muffler available. It has pronounced internal resonance – you’ll hear it on the inside! If you like it loud, this is the muffler for you! Our dual exhaust kit includes premium 2.5″ pipes with premium mandrel elbows for improved exhaust flow and the power and fuel economy usually found in more expensive systems.

Our pipes are aluminized for longevity and durability, and are custom bent just for us in Springfield, Missouri. These pipes exit under the rear of the truck and run parallel to the outer edge of the frame rail. They are designed to clear OEM mounted receiver hitch and OEM sized spare tires. The exhaust pipes are cut in two parts for shipping and wedged in for sliding together for assembly. Our system is designed to fit all wheelbase applications, only the exhaust pipe needs to be trimmed to fit.

3.Flowmaster 717857 Flowmaster FlowFX Cat-Back Exhaust System

Made of stainless steel

Maximum flow mandrel elbow

Dyno has been tested and proven to improve performance

Includes FlowFX muffler

Uses factory hanger locations for easy installation

The Flowmaster FlowFX Exhaust System is the newest exhaust kit in the Flowmaster line. Equipped with a straight-through muffler, the FlowFX kit produces a moderate to strong exhaust note to ensure your truck gets some much needed attention on the road.

The Flowmaster FX Exhaust Kit is made from T-409 stainless steel for a great look and is rust and corrosion resistant. FlowFX kits are available for complete cat-back systems, as well as direct mount mufflers for specific vehicle applications. All Flowmaster exhaust systems are designed and constructed to improve exhaust flow, resulting in increased horsepower and torque. FlowFX mufflers are carefully designed and tuned to provide a perfect, aggressive exhaust note, perfect for anyone looking for that classic Flowmaster sound.

4.Flowmaster 717869 Flowmaster 717869 Cat-Back Exhaust System

Large 4.5-inch Black Ceramic Coated Stainless Steel Tips

FlowFX "straight-through" Performance Muffler

Deep Powerful Tone Outside the Vehicle

Full Stainless Steel Construction

Easy at Home Installation

Our new Flowmaster® FlowFX® cat-back exhaust system is made of durable 409 stainless steel throughout and features a 3.00-inch intake pipe that leads to a single inlet/dual outlet FlowFX straight-through muffler for great sound and optimal performance. Dual 2.50-inch mandrel bent exhaust pipes exit at an angle from the side behind the rear wheels to keep exhaust gases out of your boat or travel trailer while towing.

The system comes with a pair of large 4.50-inch diameter black ceramic coated 304S stainless steel tips to provide a custom look for your truck that complements the deep FlowFX sound performance. The system uses all existing factory hanger locations and includes an additional hanger to mount the new left side exhaust. Installation instructions and all necessary hardware are included for easy installation at your home. Note: Fits 2/4wd models with 143.5 and 153 inch wheelbases and *2019 Classic body models.

5.Flowmaster 717939 Stainless Steel Cat Back Exhaust System

Aggressive tone

Straight-through muffler system

No "chambered" muffler sound

Excellent dyno-tested performance gains

The Flowmaster FlowFX exhaust system improves engine efficiency with its mandrel bends and Scavenger X-Pipe crossover pipes. By maximizing airflow and reducing back pressure, vehicles receive extraordinary benefits such as increased horsepower and improved fuel mileage. These pipes are made of the strongest stainless steel to ensure durability. By combining the FlowFX straight-through silencer with a large core, your vehicle will have the most famous exhaust note in the industry. The system is completed by an exhaust tip that adds sleek style to perfectly match the engineering prowess of the system.

FlowFX has been carefully designed to perfectly match the most popular automotive brands. Flowmaster guarantees quality like no other as the FlowFX exhaust system is dynamically tuned and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Ideal for anyone looking to improve performance through moderately aggressive tuning, the Flowmaster FlowFX exhaust system is an excellent alternative to restrictive stock exhaust systems.





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