Best Exhaust for 5.7 Vortec: Top 10 Products or Services

If your vehicle has a 5.7 V8 Vortec engine and you want a new exhaust system, you’ve come to the correct spot. Finding the ideal exhaust for your 5.7 Vortec might be challenging, but it’s worth it if you want more power or a more aggressive sound. Budget, substance, and style are just a few of the aspects to think about before making a purchase. Here are the finest 10 exhaust for 5.7 Vortec items and services to help you choose.

Borla 140038 Cat-Back Exhaust System

When it comes to high-performance exhaust systems, Borla is a trusted name. Borla’s 140038 Cat-Back Exhaust System is made to deliver an audible performance boost and a more menacing exhaust note. Straight-through muffler design with mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing for improved exhaust flow; built specifically for the 2016-2018 Chevrolet Camaro SS 6.2L.

Users are pleased with the sound and look of the Borla 140038 Cat-Back Exhaust System. They found that the engine’s performance, including its sound and throttle responsiveness, had significantly improved. Some drivers even said it helped them save money at the pump.

The Borla 140038 Cat-Back Exhaust System, while more expensive than comparable options, is known for its high quality and long lifespan. The quality is guaranteed by Borla’s One Million Mile Warranty.

The Borla 140038 Cat-Back Exhaust System is a great choice for individuals who want to improve the sound and performance of their Chevrolet Camaro SS 6.2L, but it is a little more expensive than some other options.

Flowmaster American Thunder Exhaust System

To enhance your vehicle’s sound and performance, consider installing a Flowmaster American Thunder Exhaust System. It’s built tough to resist the wear and tear of daily driving with high-quality materials.

Trucks, SUVs, and muscle cars are just some of the vehicles that can use the technology. It is made to be installed straight into the factory exhaust system of your vehicle.

Flowmaster’s proprietary Delta Flow technology is at the heart of the American Thunder Exhaust System, allowing for increased exhaust flow and decreased back pressure in addition to a deep and forceful exhaust note. Power, torque, and efficiency gains are all possible outcomes.

Depending on the model, the system is also built using long-lasting aluminized steel or stainless steel. This prevents the exhaust system from rusting and degrading over time under harsh weather conditions.

If you want to increase your car’s power and acquire a rumbling exhaust note, the Flowmaster American Thunder Exhaust System is your best bet. It’s simple to set up, long-lasting, and yields audible and functional gains.

MagnaFlow 15267 Cat-Back Exhaust System

Increasing the flow of exhaust gases and decreasing backpressure are two ways in which this exhaust system is meant to boost your vehicle’s performance. It fits the R/T and SRT-8 versions of the Dodge Challenger from 2011 to 2014.

The stainless steel structure of the MagnaFlow 15267 ensures durability and a powerful, resonant exhaust note. The finished ends add a custom touch to your car’s overall look.

Customers have noted an improvement in horsepower, torque, and responsiveness after installing this exhaust system. The quick and simple installation technique requires only common household items and has been lauded by many satisfied buyers.

The MagnaFlow 15267 Cat-Back Exhaust System is a favorite among Dodge Challenger owners wishing to upgrade their vehicle’s output, tone, and stance.

Corsa Sport Cat-Back Exhaust System

The high-performance exhaust sound is delivered by the Corsa Sport Cat-Back Exhaust System without the typical cabin drone. Mandrel-bent tubing and high-quality stainless steel ensure that as much exhaust gas as possible is released.

Patented Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC) technology was used to create an aggressive exhaust system that is silent at highway speeds. You may now enjoy your drive on the highway without being bothered by a noisy and distracting drone.

The kit includes all of the components and instructions needed for a quick and easy set up. There is a limited lifetime warranty on the Corsa Sport Cat-Back Exhaust System.

If you want to improve your car’s sound and performance without compromising comfort or handling, the Corsa Sport Cat-Back Exhaust System is a great choice.

Gibson Performance Exhaust Split Rear Stainless Steel Exhaust System

Improve your car’s performance and give it a more menacing rumble with the Gibson Performance Exhaust Split Rear Stainless Steel Exhaust System. For longevity and corrosion protection, it is crafted from premium stainless steel.

This dual-outlet exhaust system permits a unique variation on the traditional rear-exit layout. The mandrel-bent design of the pipes maximizes exhaust flow, which boosts power and torque by reducing backpressure.

The exhaust tip is also constructed of stainless steel for durability and comes with a shiny polish for aesthetic value. This exhaust system has straightforward bolt-on instructions, making it even more accessible.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle’s performance and sound, consider the Gibson Performance Exhaust Split Rear Stainless Steel Exhaust System.

Dynomax Super Turbo Exhaust System

A high-performance exhaust system, the Dynomax Super Turbo Exhaust System enhances your car’s sound and performance. It is constructed with top-notch materials and has a straight-through layout that improves exhaust flow by decreasing back pressure.

The Dynomax Super Turbo Exhaust System produces a deep, powerful sound that is neither overly loud nor annoying, according to the manufacturer. The vehicle’s performance is enhanced as a result of the increased horsepower and torque.

User reviews have consistently praised the system’s basic instructions and universal compatibility. Many consumers have praised the system’s reliability and longevity, citing it as their top recommendation among exhaust systems.

Overall, the Dynomax Super Turbo Exhaust System is a high-performance exhaust system that provides a deep, powerful sound without being overly loud.

Walker 16474 Ultra Direct Fit Catalytic Converter

If your car’s catalytic converter needs replacing, look no further than the Walker 16474 Ultra Direct Fit Catalytic Converter. It is built to last and is guaranteed to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer’s standards.

Made from superior stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance, this catalytic converter is a perfect fit for certain makes and models. It has a highly efficient catalytic substrate that cuts down on emissions while boosting power.

The Walker 16474 Ultra Direct Fit Catalytic Converter is approved for use in all 50 states and comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This product is an excellent option if you need a new catalytic converter for your car and are seeking for one that will last.

Banks Power 48137 Monster Exhaust System

One of the most well-liked aftermarket exhaust systems for trucks, SUVs, and other heavy-duty vehicles is the Banks Power 48137 Monster Exhaust System. This exhaust system was developed to enhance velocity, gas mileage, and acoustic quality.

The higher exhaust flow provided by the Banks Power 48137 Monster Exhaust System is one of its primary advantages, leading to enhanced engine performance, more horse power, and quicker acceleration. The system’s straight-through muffler design improves the exhaust note and gives your car a more aggressive rumble.

Another perk of the Banks Power 48137 Monster Exhaust System is that it is constructed from high-grade, robust components meant to resist the abuse of off-road driving. The exhaust system is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, and its mandrel-bent tubing allows for maximum airflow.

The Banks Power 48137 Monster Exhaust System’s bolt-on construction means there’s no need for cutting or welding during installation. This makes it a viable choice for people who want to improve their exhaust system but don’t want to invest in expensive or time-consuming tools or training.

In conclusion, the Banks Power 48137 Monster Exhaust System is an excellent choice for anyone interested in enhancing their vehicle’s power, sound, and gas mileage. It’s a touch pricy compared to other aftermarket exhaust systems, but the quality and longevity more than make up for the cost.

JBA Performance Exhaust System

Your car’s efficiency and tone can both benefit from installing a JBA Performance Exhaust System. The stainless steel construction and mandrel-bent tubing enhance the exhaust’s efficiency. Additionally, the system’s bolt-on construction makes it a breeze to set up.

An increase in power and a more satisfying ride are two of the claims made for this exhaust system. Many drivers also find that the more resonant and threatening exhaust tone it generates contributes to the vehicle’s overall athletic character.

Overall, the JBA Performance Exhaust System is a good option if you want to improve your car’s performance and sound. It’s worth remembering that every car is different, so your mileage may vary based on the type you drive.

AFE Power 49-34077-P MACH Force XP Cat-Back Exhaust System

Your car’s performance will be significantly improved by installing the highly regarded AFE Power 49-34077-P MACH Force XP Cat-Back Exhaust System. It’s constructed from top-notch materials and tailored to precisely fit several makes and models of automobiles.

There is less restriction in the exhaust system, which means more power and torque. The CNC-machined flange and mandrel-bent pipes work together to provide optimal exhaust flow.

A lot of people have said the sound quality is much better now that they have this exhaust system. The low, forceful tone is not overpowering or annoying, according to listeners.

Some consumers have experienced difficulties with installing the AFE Power 49-34077-P MACH Force XP Cat-Back Exhaust System, despite the fact that it is reasonably simple to do so. Carefully following the provided instructions and consulting an expert, if necessary, is strongly suggested.

The AFE Power 49-34077-P MACH Force XP Cat-Back Exhaust System is an excellent option for those who want to improve their vehicle’s performance and sound.

It’s not easy to find the right exhaust for your 5.7 Vortec engine. You may have trouble finding an exhaust system that fits your needs, price, and tastes, but our list of the top 10 goods or services might help. Take your time, learn about your options, and pick the solution that works best for your car and driving habits.

How to Maximize the Sound and Efficiency of Your 5.7L Vortec Engine’s Exhaust

To improve the engine’s performance and sound, a Chevrolet 5.7 Vortec owner may want to install a new exhaust system. In order for the engine to function correctly, exhaust gases produced during combustion must be removed, and this is where the exhaust system comes in. The exhaust system also has an effect on the engine’s noise, giving it a distinctive tone that reflects the engine’s power.

However, with so many options out there, picking the best exhaust system for your 5.7 Vortec engine can feel like an uphill battle. Each type of exhaust system serves a specific purpose and comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Consequently, this article will direct you in the direction of the most effective and pleasing exhaust system for your Chevrolet 5.7 Vortec engine.

Choosing the optimal exhaust system for your 5.7 Vortec engine requires an understanding of how the exhaust system functions and the effects it has on engine performance. There are a number of components that make up the exhaust system, including the manifold, converter, resonator, muffler, and pipes.

The exhaust manifold collects the combustion byproducts and directs them to the catalytic converter for release into the atmosphere. The exhaust system’s catalytic converter converts harmful pollutants into less dangerous gases, hence lowering emissions. Both the resonator and the muffler work together to dampen the engine’s roar by absorbing and reflecting sounds. Exhaust gases from the engine are released into the atmosphere via the exhaust pipes.

The efficiency with which the exhaust system disposes of the gases produced by the engine is one indicator of that system’s performance. If the exhaust system improves the engine’s airflow, the engine will be able to produce more power, leading to better performance. Choose an exhaust system for your 5.7 Vortec engine that allows the most exhaust gas to pass through it.

When shopping for exhaust for your 5.7 Vortec engine, it’s also important to pay attention to how it sounds. Displacement, cylinder count, and exhaust system layout are just a few of the variables that affect how loud an engine is. The design of the exhaust system determines the volume and tone of the engine’s sound, which can be anything from subtle to forceful.

Consider the number of resonators, the pipe diameter, and the type of muffler used when making a sound-based exhaust system choice. A muffler controls the sound volume by modifying the gas flow, and a straight-through muffler produces a louder sound than a chambered muffler.

More resonators will raise the total volume and create a deeper tone, while fewer will have no discernible effect on the sound at all. Finally, the sound of the engine can be altered by changing the diameter of the exhaust pipes.

Once these factors are grasped, we can delve into the various exhaust systems that are appropriate for a 5.7 Vortec engine.

Catalytic Converter Exhaust

One of the most well-liked upgrades for the 5.7 V8 Vortec is a cat-back exhaust system. From the catalytic converter back, this system includes a new muffler, resonator, and pipes. As a result of the cat-back exhaust system’s increased exhaust gas flow, performance and fuel efficiency have both been enhanced.

In addition, the cat-back exhaust system may produce a tone that is anywhere from subdued to ferocious. The cat-back exhaust system can also be installed by the owner with simple equipment.

Axle-Rear Pipe Exhaust

The factory catalytic converter and resonator are not modified by the axle-back exhaust system, which consists of a muffler and pipes added from the rear axle to the exhaust tip. Axle-back exhaust systems are great for individuals on a tighter budget because they are less expensive and need less work to install than cat-back systems.

In addition to enhancing performance and fuel economy, an axle-back exhaust system offers a somewhat quiet operation. However, compared to a cat-back exhaust system, the axle-back system does not significantly increase the flow of exhaust gases.

Rear Exhaust with a Header

From the header on the engine back to the exhaust tips is a series of pipes, a muffler, and a header. Although it’s the most expensive and time-consuming alternative, a header-back exhaust system is the best bet for boosting performance.

The stock exhaust system is bypassed in favor of a more open header-back setup, which significantly increases power and torque. The engine’s sound is improved and given more aggression by the header-back exhaust system.

In conclusion, a 5.7 V8’s performance and sound can benefit greatly from a custom exhaust system. Choose an exhaust system that works well with your vehicle in terms of both performance and sound. It is also important to remember that installing an aftermarket exhaust system may be illegal in your area if it does not comply with local emission requirements.


Which exhaust system works best with a 5.7 Vortec engine?

This is entirely up to personal taste. However, the Borla 140346 and the Flowmaster 817522 come highly recommended by previous buyers.

Can I do the exhaust installation by myself?

If you have the right equipment and enough skill, then you can install the exhaust yourself. For best results and safety, however, a professional installation is required.

How much does the muffler typically cost?

Brand name, material quality, and labor for setup all have a role in how much you can expect to pay. Spend between $500 and $1,000 on average.

Will installing a new exhaust system boost my engine power?

Power can be increased by improving the exhaust system to increase the velocity with which exhaust gases leave the engine. The precise figure, however, is determined by the type of exhaust system you install.

Will the noise from the tailpipe increase?

A louder engine noise is possible with a modern exhaust system. It is important to do your homework and select an exhaust that meets your needs, as some are built to be quieter than others.

How long will the exhaust last?

Brand, material, and mileage all play a role in how long an exhaust lasts. However, a good quality exhaust system should survive for years.

How will the new exhaust system affect my gas mileage?

A new exhaust system may have a negligible impact on gas mileage. However, credible exhausts are created to lessen the impact on gas mileage.

Can I just use the standard muffler hangers?

If they are still in good condition, the factory exhaust hangers should be used. Unless you want to buy new ones.

How long is the exhaust system’s warranty?

A warranty is included with the purchase of most exhaust systems. However, the duration and conditions of the warranty can change from one producer to another.

Will the emissions test pass with the new exhaust system?

Your exhaust system should pass inspection if it was built for your specific vehicle and it complies with the emissions rules in your state.