Best Exhaust for F150: Top 10 Products or Services

You’ve found the correct spot to find the greatest F150 exhaust on the web. A new exhaust can do wonders for your truck, both in terms of performance and sound. The best Ford F150 exhaust systems, in no particular order, are listed below.

Borla 140616

The 2013-2018 Ford Focus ST is compatible with the Borla 140616 cat-back exhaust system, which is constructed from high-quality stainless steel and offers a straight-through construction with an S-Type sound profile that is aggressive without being overpowering.

Customers who have put the Borla 140616 on their Focus ST have raved about the performance boost, quieter exhaust, and overall better experience. They also praise the product’s high quality, simple assembly, and sleek appearance. Some buyers have complained that the system is too noisy for normal driving conditions, and others have experienced drone at high RPMs.

The Borla 140616 has received praise for its superior performance and high-quality craftsmanship from critics. They do warn that the S-Type’s sound profile isn’t for everyone, and that the system could cause some cabin vibration.

The Borla 140616 is a popular exhaust system for the Ford Focus ST because it increases power and produces a more menacing growl at higher RPMs. However, before making a purchase, prospective customers should think about how much noise they can stand and what kind of exhaust sound they desire.

MagnaFlow 15267

Expert and user reviews agree that the MagnaFlow 15267 is an excellent exhaust system that will improve both your car’s efficiency and its sound. It has mandrel-bent tubing, which facilitates efficient exhaust flow and, in turn, boosts power and torque. Because it is made of stainless steel, it will not rust or corrode.

The MagnaFlow 15267 is built to deliver a powerful, aggressive exhaust noise without being overbearing. The simple installation technique and noticeable improvement in both sound and performance have won over many fans. On the other hand, the exhaust may be excessively loud for some riders.

The MagnaFlow 15267 is a great option for individuals shopping for a new exhaust system because it improves both performance and sound.

Flowmaster 817674

The Flowmaster 817674 is an SUV and truck performance muffler. The small size and sturdy stainless steel construction make it simple to set up. The input and outlet diameters measure in at 3 inches.

Customers are pleased with the performance and sound quality of the Flowmaster 817674. The tone it supposedly produces is deep and powerful without being overbearing. Its superb build and straightforward setup are two additional selling points.

Some buyers have complained that the Flowmaster 817674 does not work with their particular car. Some customers have reported hearing a drone or resonance inside the cabin at high speeds, and it may be too loud for cars or smaller vehicles.

For pickups and SUVs, we recommend the Flowmaster 817674, a premium performance muffler. Its stainless steel structure ensures longevity, and its deep and strong tone can be heard without being overbearing. Some customers have complained of hearing a drone or resonance within the vehicle, and it may not be appropriate for all automobiles.

Gibson 60-0023

The Gibson 60-0023 is a high-end electric guitar with a flamed maple top and a mahogany body. The 22 frets are spread across a rosewood fingerboard on a set mahogany neck. The guitar’s pickups are hand-wound humbuckers that are calibrated to provide full, warm tones with excellent sustain.

The guitar has Grover tuners, a 3-way toggle switch, and a Tune-o-matic bridge with a stopbar tailpiece. The volume and tone knobs are easy to use, and there’s even a boost setting for customization.

The Gibson 60-0023 is a high-end instrument that stands out for its impeccable build quality, wide range of tones, and beautiful design. However, not many players would be able to afford its high price.


Crew cab Chevrolet/GMC 1500 pickups powered by a 5.3L engine will benefit from the MBRP S5248AL exhaust system. It’s constructed from premium aluminum and intended to maximize exhaust flow, which may boost power and efficiency.

Mandrel bending is used in the S5248AL exhaust system to improve exhaust flow and decrease back pressure. It features a polished finish that makes the car look modern and sophisticated.

If you want to boost your truck’s performance and give it a more menacing sound, the MBRP S5248AL exhaust system is a great option. You should read reviews and ratings on independent sources or see a skilled mechanic before making a purchase; as a language model, I have no preferences.

aFe Power 49-43041

There is a high-performance aFe Power 49-43041 air filter available for some Jeep and Dodge models. Its cotton-gauze media, which can be cleaned and reused, is intended to increase airflow over that of standard paper filters.

One Amazon reviewer claims that the aFe Power 49-43041 filter “improved gas mileage by about 2-3 mpg” and that it “made a significant improvement in throttle response and acceleration.”

If you own a Jeep or Dodge and are searching for a simple approach to increase your vehicle’s performance and gas mileage, the aFe Power 49-43041 air filter is likely your best bet. For further assurance, a limited lifetime warranty is included.

Corsa 14589

Improve your car’s output and exhaust note with the Corsa 14589 performance muffler. It uses Reflective Sound Cancellation technology, which is patented by Corsa and results in a low, forceful exhaust note while canceling out background noise.

The muffler’s stainless steel construction ensures its long life and resilience to the elements. The muffler is meant to be a drop-in replacement for the stock unit on numerous kinds of cars.

Customers and auto enthusiasts alike have praised the Corsa 14589 for its superior performance and crisper audio. If you want to utilize the muffler on public roads, you should check your local laws and regulations, as with any aftermarket modification.

Banks Power 48741

Diesel engines can benefit from the Banks Power 48741 exhaust system by removing exhaust limits, increasing power output, and enhancing fuel efficiency. This exhaust system is built to survive much longer than stock exhaust systems because to its mandrel-bent stainless steel construction and corrosion resistance.

The Banks Power 48741 is a top-notch item that consistently receives rave reviews from satisfied customers. After installing this exhaust system, many users have experienced a noticeable increase in their engine’s power output, fuel efficiency, and overall performance. The streamlined assembly method and sturdy build are also big selling points.

Customers have complained that the product’s price is high compared to similar aftermarket exhaust systems. Some users have also complained that the volume is too high for their tastes.

If you have a diesel engine and want to improve your vehicle’s performance, the Banks Power 48741 is a fantastic option to consider.

Heartthrob Exhaust 5005651

For some models of Chevrolet and GMC pickups and SUVs, Heartthrob offers the 5005651 system as a replacement exhaust system. The aluminized steel it’s constructed from has excellent resistance to rust and corrosion.

A high-flow muffler and mandrel-bent pipes are used in the system to maximize exhaust flow and power. Manufacturer claims increased power, torque, and MPG with the Heartthrob Exhaust 5005651 system.

The Heartthrob Exhaust 5005651 system has received rave reviews for its superior sound quality and ease of installation. Some have said that the system makes a low, rumbling sound that improves the vehicle’s performance and aesthetics.

But at higher RPMs, the system can get rather noisy, according to some reviews. Some have also pointed out that the technology might not work with every vehicle without some tweaking.

It would appear that many Chevy and GMC truck owners who are interested in enhancing their cars’ performance and sound have settled on the Heartthrob Exhaust 5005651 system. As with any aftermarket upgrade, you should do your homework before making a final decision.

Pypes Performance Exhaust SFM60MS

This cat-back exhaust system from Pypes Performance Exhaust, model number SFM60MS, is made for the 2015-2017 Mustang GT and incorporates an M-80 muffler that produces a low, rumbling tone while keeping the cabin quiet. Mandrel-bent 16-gauge stainless steel tubing is used throughout the system to increase its longevity and resistance to corrosion.

Customer reviews indicate that the Pypes Performance Exhaust SFM60MS is a great modification for Mustang drivers who want to enhance their car’s sound and performance. Several reviewers remarked on the system’s solid build and satisfying bass without complaining about its volume. Some reviews also mentioned how simple the setup was and how well the system fit without any adjustments being necessary. If you drive a Mustang and are in the market for an aftermarket exhaust system, you may want to consider the Pypes Performance Exhaust SFM60MS.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide what kind of F150 exhaust system is best for you and your needs. There is a system available for everybody who wants either better performance or a more robust, robust sound. Here are ten of the best exhaust upgrades you can get for your Ford F-150.

The Definitive Resource for F-150 Exhaust Selection

A new exhaust system is a game-changer when it comes to improving your Ford F150. It can do wonders for your truck’s sound and performance, plus it’ll look great while doing it. However, it can be difficult to choose the finest exhaust for your F150 from the various available alternatives. Here we’ll go through the many exhaust systems available, the pros and downsides of each, and what to keep in mind while making your final decision.

Various Exhaust Methods

Axle-back, cat-back, and header-back exhaust systems are the three most common varieties. The exhaust system is where these systems diverge the most from one another. Features, performance benefits, and potential drawbacks of each type will be discussed in greater detail below.

Rear-Mounted Tailpipes

Axle-back exhausts are the cheapest and simplest to set up. They extend from the truck’s back axle to its exhaust system. These systems provide your truck a slight performance increase and a better sound. However, performance-oriented folks will find cat-back and header-back systems more useful. If you’re looking for premium sound quality on a budget, an axle-back system is your best bet.

Back-Exhaust Catalytic Converters

The catalytic converter and everything downstream of it are removed and replaced by a cat-back exhaust system. Increased exhaust flow, greater horsepower and torque, and better fuel economy are just some of the benefits of this exhaust system compared to an axle-back setup. It is possible to hear the engine’s distinctive growl after installing a cat-back exhaust system.

Exhaust Systems With a Header Back

A header-back exhaust system is one that replaces the headers (if any) all the way back to the vehicle’s exhaust tailpipe. The most performance gains are achieved with this style of exhaust system, but it is more expensive to install than cat-back or axle-back systems. Power, torque, and efficiency can all be increased by optimizing the exhaust flow and increasing the pipe diameter. The exhaust note produced by header-back systems is also louder and more forceful.

Things to Think About

Now that you know the different kinds of exhaust systems, we can talk about what matters most when picking out an exhaust for your F150.


Exhaust systems often feature one of three metals: aluminized steel, stainless steel, or titanium. Due to its low cost, aluminized steel has become the material of choice for most exhaust systems. However, corrosion of the substance is possible. Stainless steel is more expensive since it lasts longer and resists corrosion better. Although titanium offers the greatest performance benefit of any material, its exorbitant cost makes it impractical for most drivers.


One of the most important considerations in picking an exhaust system is the sound it makes. Some systems can provide a low, menacing tone, while others can generate a soft, pleasant sound, or even a performance-based tone. Listen to sound clips on the manufacturer’s website or on car forums to locate the perfect exhaust note for your F150.


A header-back or cat-back exhaust system is your best bet for maximum performance increases. These systems provide the greatest gains in performance in terms of increased power, torque, and efficiency. Although there isn’t much of an increase in speed, the sound quality is much better with an axle-back system.

Reputation of a Brand

When making a purchase, it’s always important to think about the brand. You should be sure that the company you are purchasing from has a history of producing high-quality goods that have been thoughtfully developed. Reliability in your purchase can be ensured by looking into the business’s history and customer feedback.

Concluding Remarks

Getting the correct exhaust for your F150 might be difficult, but thinking about things like materials, sound, performance, and brand reputation will help you make the right choice. Listen to sample sounds and read reviews before making a final decision. Keep in mind that a higher price doesn’t always equate to better performance; carefully consider all of your options. A new exhaust system will give your F150 a sportier feel and a more distinctive tone, setting it apart from the crowd.


Where can I get the greatest F-150 exhaust system?

The best choice will vary from person to person and rely on their preferences and requirements, but some common choices are the Borla ATAK, MagnaFlow Cat-Back, and Flowmaster American Thunder.

Will upgrading my F-150’s exhaust system make a noticeable difference in its performance?

In addition to increasing power and torque, a performance exhaust system upgrade can also boost MPG and decrease exhaust back pressure.

How much will a good exhaust system set you back?

Quality exhaust systems can cost anywhere from $500 to $2,000, depending on the make, model, and complexity of the installation.

Is there anything special I need to do to my F-150 before installing a new exhaust system?

Most aftermarket exhausts do not need any alterations to the stock exhaust manifold, as they are made to bolt right on.

Is it possible for my F-150’s gas mileage to suffer if I install a performance exhaust system?

There are exhaust systems that can boost fuel economy, while others can increase engine performance at the cost of a slight drop in gas mileage.

Can I legally install an exhaust system on my F-150, or are there specific requirements?

The quantity of noise and pollution that a car or truck can make is subject to state and federal laws. Before putting in a new exhaust system, you should check the laws in your area.

When I install a performance exhaust system on my F-150, how loud will it be?

The exhaust system you select determines how loud your vehicle will be. It’s possible to find systems that are even louder than the stock exhaust, or ones that are noticeably quieter.

What are the steps for replacing the exhaust on my F-150?

Even while you can install an exhaust system on your own, you should probably have a professional do it to make sure it’s done right and to prevent any problems.

May I do the exhaust system installation on my F-150 by myself?

You can put in your own exhaust system if you have the right tools and enough technical knowledge. However, it is recommended that a professional perform the installation if you lack the necessary skills.

Do you think upgrading my F-150’s exhaust system to something more powerful will pay off in the long run?

Long-term gains in engine performance, horsepower, and fuel economy are possible when switching to a performance exhaust system.