Best Exhaust for Your G35

You may be asking yourself, “Why would I want to replace my G35’s exhaust system?”

Well, the premium exhausts for the Infiniti G35 coupe and sedan will improve your car’s horsepower, torque and overall performance. They can also make your car sound better.

Sometimes, aftermarket exhaust can even add MPG due to better exhaust flow. Of course, that’s assuming you don’t spend more time on the gas pedal after you’ve indulged in hearing a better exhaust sound.

Exhaust modifications are one of the most popular G35 modifications. This is not surprising, as the Infiniti G35 (also sold under the Nissan brand in some countries) is a very popular car for enthusiasts like you.

This easy to understand guide will introduce the best exhaust for your G35.

1.Stillen Dual G35 exhaust

This extremely popular Stillen Dual exhaust system is available at a moderate price point and offers a significant increase in dyno-proven performance over the stock exhaust system. The exhaust makes a calm, mellow sound while cruising, however, under load it makes an aggressive barking sound. If you are exhausting a G355/X 4dr, then Stillen can provide a replacement here.

“Your stock Infiniti G35 exhaust system has limitations that hide its true potential power. Stillen’s dual exhaust system reduces the back pressure of the stock Nissan exhaust, providing torque gains of up to 15hp and 18ft/Lbs. At idle, the exhaust waits and hums calmly, but once you hit the throttle, the aggressive, raw exhaust sound growls fearlessly. All Stillen exhaust systems are backed by a lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind. Take performance to the next level with a Stillen dual exhaust system for your Infiniti G35.”

2.Manzo M2 Cat-Back Exhaust System

The Manzo cat-back is one of our favorite exhausts for the 4-door G35 sedan, and the brand claims it’s one of their most powerful products. It’s made of SUS-304 stainless steel and features a fully polished finish, CNC machined flanges and mandrel bends.

Manzo’s M2 system claims to increase horsepower, torque and overall performance due to its straight-through design. But know that it’s a loud unit. We like it, but your neighbors may not.

As an added bonus, Manzo’s M2 exhaust system includes an upgraded Y-pipe for the front of the exhaust.

3.Invidia Gemini G35 exhaust

The Invidia Gemini is a popular exhaust in the G35 community, the system runs 60mm pipes and dual 110mm exhausts. The tips are finished in a stunning burnt titanium finish. The exhaust note is deep and loud. The price-wise Gemini falls near the mid-range. A solid choice.

The exhaust is made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel, CNC machined flanges, and polished finish. Each system features mandrel-bent stainless steel piping for maximum exhaust flow and reduced back pressure. These exhausts are carefully engineered to produce strong mid to high end power gains with increased horsepower and torque.

Last words

There are several exhaust systems available for your G35 coupe or sedan. They vary in price and effectiveness.