Best Exhaust System for Honda Civic: Top 10 Products to Consider

If you own a Honda Civic, you know how crucial it is to have a good exhaust system. Your vehicle’s engine performance, fuel economy, and sound quality are all dependent on its exhaust system. Power, torque, and even the sound of your Honda Civic’s exhaust may all be greatly enhanced with this mod. However, with so many choices on the market, finding the best exhaust system for your needs can be difficult. We’ve produced a list of the top 10 exhaust system upgrades for your Honda Civic so you can make an informed decision.

MagnaFlow Exhaust System

MagnaFlow Exhaust Systems are widely used because they improve performance and produce a powerful and menacing sound after installation. High-quality stainless steel is used in its construction, and the tubing is mandrel-bent for strength and flexibility.

The MagnaFlow Exhaust System is advertised as increasing both horsepower and torque significantly. There will be no interference with your car’s emissions system, as the system is fully emission-compliant.

The MagnaFlow Exhaust System is designed to be easily installed by a trained technician or a do-it-yourselfer with the correct equipment. All components and instructions for using the system are included in the package.

The MagnaFlow Exhaust System, in general, is a premium aftermarket exhaust system made to improve performance and produce a more menacing tone. Among auto enthusiasts, it has widespread favor thanks to its reliability and simple setup.

Skunk2 Exhaust System

When it comes to high-quality performance accessories for Honda and Acura automobiles, Skunk2 is the name you trust. One of their best-known offerings is the Skunk2 Exhaust System, which is designed for car fans who want to make their ride sound and perform better.

The Skunk2 Exhaust System is built to improve performance indicators like horsepower and torque while also producing a low, aggressive rumble. Mandrel-bent pipes and high-quality 304 stainless steel ensure maximum flow with minimal resistance.

The unique structure of the Skunk2 Exhaust System is one of its best qualities. It’s made to drop right into the stock exhaust hangers without any alterations on your part. The time and effort saved during setup contributes to the product’s overall worth.

The Skunk2 Exhaust System does not fall short when it comes to enhancing performance. It’s meant to provide a perceptible boost in output across the board. This means enhanced speed, acceleration, and overall driving pleasure.

The Skunk2 Exhaust System is not for anyone who are easily startled by loud noises. The exhaust noise is low and strong, making heads turn wherever you go. However, the Skunk2 Exhaust System does not drone at highway speeds despite its loud exhaust noise, making it a fantastic option for both daily drivers and enthusiasts.

The Skunk2 Exhaust System is an excellent optional improvement for Honda and Acura automobiles. It’s a terrific all-around package for speed demon drivers because it improves performance noticeably, sounds awesome, and can be installed in a jiffy.

Invidia Exhaust System

Exhaust systems for a wide variety of automobiles can be found from Invidia, a trusted name in the auto industry. Owners who want to boost their vehicle’s efficiency and sound quality often opt for these exhaust systems.

Increases in both horsepower and torque are possible with the installation of an Invidia exhaust system. This is accomplished by working with high-quality materials like stainless steel and employing techniques like mandrel bending for the pipes.

Exhaust systems made by Invidia are well-known for the deep, forceful sound they produce, further improving the quality of the driving experience. There have been complaints from certain customers that the exhaust is too loud for their liking.

Invidia exhaust systems are engineered to fit a particular make and model of car, making installation a simple process. Gaskets, hangers, and clamps are some examples of optional hardware that could be a part of the exhaust systems.

To sum up, Invidia exhaust systems are a favorite among those who want to improve their vehicle’s performance and aesthetics. Exhaust systems for a wide variety of automobiles are available from this reputable manufacturer, which has earned high marks from both consumers and professionals.

Borla Exhaust System

For many years, Borla Exhaust Systems has dominated the market as the go-to source for superior exhaust components. Their exhaust systems are made to enhance the tone, muscle, and speed of several automobiles. Exhausts for automobiles, pickups, SUVs, and motorbikes are among the products they sell.

Strong and corrosion-proof aircraft-grade stainless steel is used in the construction of Borla Exhaust Systems. Their exhaust systems are also made to be simple to set up, with a bolt-on style that eliminates the need for any cutting or welding.

Many car owners who have upgraded to a Borla Exhaust System have been pleased with the results. The exhaust systems are well-known for the deep, throaty exhaust noise they produce, which is a welcome addition to any drive.

In general, people wishing to upgrade their exhaust system may consider Borla Exhaust Systems, which have been given excellent marks by numerous auto enthusiasts.

HKS Exhaust System

HKS is a Japanese auto parts tuner that focuses on high-performance mods. A variety of exhaust systems that boost performance, save gas, and sound great are available from this company.

Stainless steel and titanium are used in the construction of HKS exhaust systems to ensure their durability and lifespan. They’re mandrel-bent, too, so exhaust gases may flow more freely and produce more power.

HKS exhaust systems stand out for the care taken with the exhaust note. The company’s goal is to provide an original and powerful soundtrack that enhances the vehicle’s overall performance. Depending on the make and model, the exhaust can be hardly audible or deafening.

Among car enthusiasts who are looking to boost their vehicle’s performance and sound, HKS exhaust systems come highly recommended.

Tanabe Exhaust System

Tanabe is a well-known name in the auto exhaust industry, having served the market for well over two decades. Their exhaust systems are well-known for their superior engine performance, as well as their high quality materials and stylish appearance. Cat-back, axle-back, and header-back exhaust systems are just a few of the many setups offered by Tanabe. These systems are tailor-made for certain car types, so they fit snugly and can be set up in no time.

Tanabe exhaust systems are built from high-quality components, such as stainless steel, which contributes to their lifespan and durability. In addition, they are made to decrease backpressure, which boosts engine output and torque. As a result of these enhancements, the vehicle’s speed, acceleration, and fuel efficiency may all improve. In addition, the sound of a Tanabe exhaust system is sporty and forceful because it is created using sound reduction techniques.

In general, Tanabe exhaust systems are a favorite among auto enthusiasts wishing to enhance their vehicles’ functionality and acoustics. However, it’s important to remember that your car’s make and type will determine the exact outcomes.

GReddy Exhaust System

Manufacturer of high-quality racing and street-legal performance exhaust systems, GReddy. The product line is revered for its superior build quality, impressive performance, and distinctive tonal personality. GReddy’s extensive catalog of exhaust products has something for everyone.

Consumer ratings consistently place GReddy exhaust systems in the top tier in the industry. The brand is well-liked because of its high-quality audio, simple setup, and long lifespan. Some buyers have reported that their vehicles’ horsepower and torque have risen after installing the systems, making them a good choice for high-performance applications like racing and high-speed driving.

However, the devices’ costlier price tag has turned off potential clients for some customers. Some buyers have also mentioned that having a professional install the systems is an additional cost.

When it comes to automobiles, GReddy exhaust systems have a stellar reputation for quality and performance. However, before making a purchase, you should think about the price and how much work will be involved in setting it up.

DC Sports Exhaust System

DC Sports is a household name in the aftermarket exhaust industry, where they manufacture high-quality exhaust systems for a wide range of automobiles. DC Sports Exhaust Systems are made to improve the vehicle’s tone, visual appeal, and overall performance. These exhaust systems are constructed from superior materials like titanium or stainless steel, guaranteeing years of reliable service.

DC Sports provides a number of exhaust options for customers, including cat-back, axle-back, and turbo-back systems. Each exhaust system is made to fit the car perfectly, improve its performance, and give it a distinctive sound.

DC Sports Exhaust Systems are a high-quality and effective choice for those wishing to improve the exhaust system in their vehicle. Do your homework and get the advice of an expert before making any changes to your car.

Tanabe Medalion Touring Exhaust System

Improve your car’s sound and performance with the help of the Tanabe Medalion Touring Exhaust System. Stainless steel and titanium are only two of the high-quality elements that went into its construction.

The improved power and torque that result from the Tanabe Medalion Touring Exhaust System’s one-of-a-kind design are among its most appealing attributes. The exhaust note is low and forceful without being overly loud thanks to the custom muffler.

If you want to upgrade your car’s performance and sound without compromising quality or dependability, the Tanabe Medalion Touring Exhaust System is a fantastic option.

Apexi N1 Evolution Exhaust System

The Apexi N1 Evolution Exhaust System is a high-performance exhaust setup that’ll upgrade your vehicle’s output and tone. Mandrel-bent pipe, a straight-through muffler design, and a high-flow catalytic converter are just some of the elements of this exhaust system.

The muffler’s straight-through design allows for less restrictive exhaust flow and greater power and responsiveness. This layout also produces the low, aggressive sound typical of high-performance exhaust systems.

When compared to the standard catalytic converter, the high-flow version allows for more airflow, leading to even better performance. The system is also lightweight by design, which can aid in lowering the vehicle’s curb weight and enhancing its maneuverability.

The Apexi N1 Evolution Exhaust System, in general, is a top-tier performance exhaust that has the potential to enhance a car’s efficiency, tone, and visual appeal. The installation process can be tricky, and the loud exhaust noise may not be to everyone’s taste.


You can improve your Honda Civic’s acceleration, gas mileage, and overall sound with a new exhaust system. There are a plethora of options to consider when shopping for an exhaust system for your Honda Civic, making it difficult to make a final decision. But we’ve done the legwork for you, compiling the top 10 options for exhaust systems for Honda Civics. Different consumers and their respective budgets will appreciate the distinct aspects of each product. Before settling on an exhaust system for your Honda Civic, it’s important to think about what matters most to you in terms of sound, performance, and longevity.

How to Find and Install the Perfect Exhaust System for Your Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a great vehicle because of its dependability, low gas use, and sleek exterior. However, there are always ways to improve your Honda Civic’s performance. Changing your car’s exhaust is one of the best methods to boost its performance. The appropriate exhaust system can do wonders for your vehicle’s output, efficiency, and acoustics. However, picking the ideal exhaust system for a Honda Civic among all the available alternatives might be a daunting undertaking. In this post, we’ll go over everything you need to know to pick the perfect exhaust system for your Honda Civic.

The benefits of a new exhaust system.

Knowing why it’s crucial to update your car’s exhaust system is the first step toward selecting the ideal exhaust system for your Honda Civic.

Your engine’s exhaust system’s main job is to get rid of the waste gases it generates. However, most automobiles already have an exhaust system that is built to meet local noise and emissions requirements. The stock exhaust system isn’t designed for maximum efficiency, to put it another way.

This is where custom exhausts come in handy. To improve your vehicle’s performance, consider upgrading your exhaust system. This will free up previously blocked exhaust gases and allow your engine to take in more air. The sound of your car may be altered to suit your tastes with aftermarket exhaust systems, from a deep growl to a ferocious roar.

Here are some things to think about when picking out an exhaust system for your Honda Civic:

Building Supplies

The materials used to construct an exhaust system determine its performance. Stainless steel, mild steel, titanium, and carbon fiber are some of the most often used construction materials.

Exhaust systems made of stainless steel are the most common and endure the longest. They provide excellent value due to their low cost and long lifespan. On the other side, mild steel exhaust systems are more affordable but also wear out faster. They corrode easily and must be replaced frequently.

Titanium is the most long-lasting construction material, but it also has the greatest price tag. Exhaust systems made of carbon fiber are the most expensive but also the most durable and lightweight.

In general, a stainless steel exhaust system will do the job and last for a long time, making it the greatest value option.

Performance Drain

If you’re thinking of improving the exhaust system in your Honda Civic, it’s also important to think about what you’re primarily trying to improve.

Some exhaust systems are designed specifically for performance, allowing you to extract every last bit of horsepower from your motor. Other models are created with sound in mind, allowing your Honda Civic to emit a sophisticated and fashionable growl. However, there are aftermarket exhaust systems designed specifically to improve gas mileage.

No matter what you value most in an exhaust system, you may find one that fits your requirements.

Discharge Plan

The exhaust arrangement describes how gases are directed out of the system. The exhaust system you choose out must be well suited to your Honda Civic.

Cat-back and axle-back exhaust systems are the two most common configurations.

The cat-back exhaust system is a replacement system that begins behind the catalytic converter and extends to the vehicle’s tailpipes. The axle-back exhaust is less expensive, but the cat-back system improves performance and allows for more personalization.

Only the exhaust pipe and muffler at the back of the vehicle need to be changed out with an axle-back system. It’s less expensive than the competition and will boost your Honda Civic’s performance noticeably.

Preferred Tone Quality

The music you like is important. The exhaust note of your Honda Civic can either be boosted or muted, depending on your particular preference.

Each exhaust system has its own unique tone. Flaps on some exhaust systems can be adjusted to change the volume, while others remain constant.

Choose an exhaust system that sounds the way you want it to, whether that’s a quiet purr, a deep growl, or a ferocious roar.

Reputation of a Brand

When upgrading the exhaust system in your Honda Civic, it’s important to choose with a reputable brand. If you buy from a well-known company, you know you’ll get a quality product and responsive support.

If you purchase from a reputable manufacturer, you can rest assured that any issues you have will be addressed quickly and handled under warranty.


The performance, fuel economy, and sound of your Honda Civic can all benefit from a new exhaust system. It’s crucial to think about the exhaust system’s reputation, brand, sound preferences, layout, and construction material while making a purchase.

The finest exhaust system for your Honda Civic is the one that improves performance, enhances the car’s sound, and complements your personal taste. We hope that you’ve learned enough from this tutorial to confidently go out and purchase an exhaust system for your Honda Civic.


To what extent do new exhaust systems improve the performance of a Honda Civic?

The engine now has more power, uses less gas, and sounds more sporty, just to name a few of the advantages.

Can you recommend a good exhaust system for a Honda Civic?

It’s up to your taste and financial means. Borla, Magnaflow, and Invidia are some of the most well-liked choices.

Can I do the exhaust system installation by myself?

While it is feasible to install an exhaust system on your own, doing so is not recommended for safety or optimal performance reasons.

If I want a louder noise, do I need a new exhaust system?

Instead of replacing the complete system, a muffler or resonator can be purchased to obtain the desired tone.

If I get a new exhaust system, would that affect my warranty in any way?

The manufacturer’s warranty should answer this question. Inquire with your dealer or review the terms of your agreement before making any modifications to your car.

Can I expect a return on investment if I replace my car’s exhaust system?

An exhaust system that has been updated and kept in good condition can raise a vehicle’s resale price.

To replace the exhaust on a Honda Civic, how much should I expect to pay?

Brand name, exhaust system quality and type, and labor costs all play a role in the final price. Costs may start at $200 and go up to $1,000 or more.

Can I expect any change in my car’s emissions with a new exhaust system?

The emissions may change after installing a new exhaust system. It is crucial to select a system that complies with the emission standards of your state or municipality.

Does an exhaust system have an effect on gas mileage?

The answer is yes, a new exhaust system can help save money on gas by increasing the efficiency of the engine.

Can the power of a car be improved by changing the exhaust system?

Power and efficiency can both be improved with a redesigned exhaust system by better controlling gasses leaving the engine.