Best Exhaust System For Ram 1500

You’re here because you’re the proud owner of a Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi. But you want to unlock the true potential of your Ram truck by installing the best exhaust system for your Dodge ram 1500 hemi.

You’ve come to the right place because we’re going to discuss some of the best exhaust systems for the Dodge ram 1500 hemi. We have provided you with some of the best exhaust systems that you can buy on the market today.

The best exhaust system will ensure that your vehicle has better performance. In addition, whether you are a performance freak or someone else, the list below will ensure that you have the right exhaust for your Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi.

There are different brands of exhausts on the market. Each exhaust offers a different purpose for your vehicle. Some focus on performance, while others focus on efficiency. Therefore, there are some important factors to consider before purchasing an exhaust system for your vehicle.

Now, let’s get right into some of the best exhaust systems for the dodge ram 1500 hemi.

1.Borla 140307 Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust System

The Borla 140307 is a great choice for all Dodge Ram Hemi 1500 owners who want to completely replace their vehicle’s exhaust system and don’t mind the extra cost of the process. The stainless steel cat-back exhaust system comes with exhaust tips, 3 and 2.5 exhaust pipes, and a silencer kit that allows you to increase your vehicle’s exhaust speed, torque, performance, and horsepower.

The Borla exhaust system uses multi-core technology to unleash your propulsion. As a result, it saves fuel and gives your vehicle the luxurious look of a through-bumper system. In addition, the Borla system resists the wear and tear that can be caused by rust thanks to its heavy-duty stainless steel construction – remember, its steel workmanship comes from premium austenitic stainless steel.

Borla systems are popular for their sound, as they produce a soft rumble at low speeds that turns into a roar as you increase speed. It also comes with clamps and connectors that simplify the installation process and a million mile warranty. The Borla 140307 is the perfect exhaust system for Dodge Ram Hemi 1500 owners who want high-end performance from their engines.

2.Magnaflow 16869 Dual Cat-Back Exhaust System

Looking for an exhaust system that will last for years? Magnaflow may have the right option for you. Impressive construction quality and quality materials are its outstanding features. In addition, it is 100% immune to contamination (rust and corrosion). I was also impressed by the system’s acoustics, especially when you start the engine. The loud “roar” is very satisfying.

And, it becomes smoother at higher speeds, ensuring a comfortable, quiet ride on the highway and city streets. However, there is one obvious drawback, and that is customer service. I always contact to check how good (or how bad) the support is. In the case of Magnaflow, I had to pay to have the faulty exhaust system shipped back and wait up to two months for an engineer to fix it/send the old one back. I’m not the only one who had to go through all this.

3.Flowmaster 817633 Outlaw Series Cat-Back Exhaust System

This is a great all around catback exhaust system, known for its piercing sound at high speeds. This Flowmaster stainless steel cat-back exhaust system weighs a little over 70 pounds, making it one of the heaviest exhaust systems in our top five.

While the Flowmaster 817633 model will increase engine torque and horsepower, this cat-back exhaust system has less of an impact on engine performance than the first two models we discussed.

The loud, aggressive roar from this exhaust system has become its trademark and is the reason many Dodge Ram Hemi 1500 owners choose it.

Replacing the factory exhaust system with this cat-back system isn’t necessarily easy, as you may need to modify the pipes and other parts of the system to fit your Dodge Ram Hemi 1500. even so, this exhaust system works with the 4.7L and 5.7 mated L V8 Hemi engines making it a perfect fit for all Dodge Ram Hemi 1500 models built between 2009 and 2014.

The system comes with Super 10 series mufflers and a 3-inch exhaust pipe with black ceramic coated tips. Despite the price, the Flowmaster 817633 is still one of the best cat-back exhaust systems on the market for the Dodge Ram Hemi 1500, ensuring better overall performance of the vehicle.

4.MagnaFlow D-Fit Muffler

D-Fit is a satin-finished 409 stainless steel muffler system that quickly and easily replaces the factory muffler to unleash more power, torque and a low, harsh growl. One of the best things about this system is how easy it is to install. Simply remove the factory clamps, slide the factory muffler off, and install the D-Fit.

At cruising speeds, the small cabin drone has a slightly aggressive sound. It has a powerful tone that improves once the truck has been driven for a while. The muffler uses the stock exhaust and it just snaps into place.

5.TOTAL FLOW Direct Fit Exhaust

Using this direct-fit muffler from Total Flow Muffler is a great way to improve the power and economy of your vehicle.

It’s a great choice if you want a deep, raspy sound when accelerating and provides an overall smooth sound when cruising. It features durable 409 stainless steel construction for maximum durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions and corrosion for a long life.

It’s also made of heavy-duty materials that resist cracking, providing you with optimal performance year after year. It emits a smooth, deep tone that makes an impression on your engine’s automotive appearance.

Total Flow’s Direct Mount Exhaust Muffler is perfect for those who want to easily improve the performance of their vehicle and don’t want to get stuck with something that doesn’t fit.

This muffler features a straight-through muffler design combined with bright 409S stainless steel construction for maximum durability, rain resistance and a sleek look.

It will dramatically reduce engine noise while producing an aggressive sound under acceleration and maintaining a soothing tone at cruising speeds.

The sound of this muffler is great, but there are some issues, such as being loud when accelerating and making your car vibrate a little louder than usual. Overall, this is a good choice if you want to easily add performance and durability to your vehicle.


Some of us think that modifying a truck’s exhaust system is a very complicated thing to do. But, as you can see in the guide above, it’s not technical. In fact, for a small budget of $450, you can have your truck equipped with the best exhaust system tuned by Dyno for the Dodge RAM 1500.

It’s about knowing your vehicle and making it fit your preferences and specifications. That way, you’ll get the best exhaust system you can imagine from this guide.

In addition to that, you learn the importance of changing or modifying the entire muffler system. It also has its pros and cons. However, please note that the pros outweigh the cons and this will tell you which way to go.

We want you to choose the best exhaust system for your Dodge RAM 1500 and spend the rest of your life cruising!