Best Flathead Headers: Top 10 Products or Services

Some of the most recognizable motors in automobile history are flathead engines. Their one-of-a-kind style and high performance have earned them a favorite among hot rodders and classic automobile fans. To get the most out of your bike, it is crucial to have quality headers for your flathead engine. This article features a top 10 list of the most effective flathead headers currently on the market.

Fenton Headers

High-quality headers for hot rods, historic automobiles, and vintage trucks are what Fenton Headers does best. The headers are constructed from high-quality materials to last for years to come, such as metal and ceramic coatings.

A variety of headers from Fenton Headers are available, each one tailored to a specific make, model year, and engine configuration. In addition, they offer tailored headers to suit certain preferences.

Fenton Headers has been making headers for more than 50 years, and over that time they have earned a stellar reputation for quality, dependability, and support. They have a dedicated following of buyers who regularly offer glowing reviews of their wares.

In general, Fenton Headers is a reputable manufacturer of high-quality headers that are built to last and tailored to fit a variety of vehicle makes and models as well as various motor configurations.

Red’s Headers

Red’s Headers is a business that produces hot rod and custom headers. Products for flathead Ford engines, favored by hot rodders, are the company’s bread and butter. They have a variety of additional headers available for various motors.

When it comes to hot rod headers, Red’s Headers is often regarded as a top contender. After more than 40 years in the industry, our firm has earned a name for itself as a manufacturer of superior headers.

Those who have purchased headers from Red’s Headers have largely been pleased with the quality, fit, and performance of the components. Customers who installed headers on their vehicles saw an increase in both engine performance and sound quality.

Red’s Headers has been around for a long time, and they have a solid reputation for making high-quality, long-lasting, and effective hot rod headers. Red’s Headers is a great option if you need a header for your hot rod.

Sanderson Headers

Sanderson Headers is an industry leader in manufacturing superior headers for both vintage and modern vehicles. The highest quality components and cutting-edge production methods go into every one of their products.

Sanderson Headers has a variety of header designs to accommodate numerous common automobile makes and models. They are designed to operate well, increase exhaust flow, and produce a pleasant sound. The headers’ complete package includes everything you need for a quick and easy installation, including exhaust pipes, gaskets, and the necessary mounting hardware.

The company has earned praise for its helpful staff and high quality of service to customers and developers alike. Many buyers claim their headers made a big difference in their cars’ acceleration and top speed.

If you’re wanting to improve your car’s exhaust system, you should explore Sanderson Headers’ offerings because the company has a solid reputation in the market.

Patriot Headers

Patriot Headers is an exhaust system and header manufacturer for a wide variety of automobiles. You may expect more power, torque, and quiet from your engine with one of their products.

Patriot Headers has received rave reviews from satisfied clients thanks to the high quality and low maintenance of its products. They also enjoy the boost in horsepower and torque that these headers provide.

Professionals agree that Patriot Headers’ designs and customer service are cutting edge. They are renowned for their skill in making durable headers that can resist harsh environments.

When it comes to exhaust system upgrades, Patriot Headers appears to be a dependable and trustworthy brand. They’re an established name in the market because their items consistently rank highly and are well-liked by customers.

Speedway Motors Headers

Speedway Motors Headers is well-known for manufacturing and supplying high-quality exhaust components for both racing and street use. A variety of headers, suitable for a wide variety of vehicles, are available from the company. The materials used in the construction of Speedway Motors Headers are up to the task of withstanding high temperatures and pressures.

Speedway Motors Headers has been lauded by customers for its straightforward assembly and seamless integration. The headers may be installed in no time and with no further changes to the exhaust system. The headers not only make the car more powerful, but they also make it sound better.

Customers have reported concerns with the headers, including leaks and improper fitment. Speedway Motors’ excellent service, though, ultimately won them over. When it comes to upgrading a car’s performance, many people turn to Speedway Motors Headers.

Hedman Headers

Hedman Headers is an industry leader in manufacturing high-quality exhaust systems for automobiles, trucks, and SUVs. They have more than 60 years of experience in the field.

The company provides a complete line of exhaust components, including as headers, exhaust manifolds, mufflers, and exhaust systems. To ensure the quality of their products, they only utilize premium materials like mild steel, stainless steel, and ceramic coatings.

Customers are happy with the results they get with Hedman Headers, appreciating the enhanced performance and sound of their vehicles. Some customers, however, have complained about problems with installation or improper fit.

The automotive aftermarket seems to hold Hedman Headers in high regard, but before buying any exhaust system, it’s crucial to do your homework to be sure it’s compatible with your car and will serve its intended purpose.

Doug’s Headers

Doug’s Headers is an American manufacturer of premium headers for automobiles and light commercial vehicles. The company has made a name for itself by manufacturing performance headers that increase an engine’s output and responsiveness. Doug’s Headers has been around for 40 years, and their products have a solid track record of reliability and durability.

Customers who have purchased and installed products from Doug’s Headers tend to be pleased with the results. The superior craftsmanship of the headers, the boost in HP and torque, and the newfound musicality of the engine are frequently cited as reasons for the headers’ popularity. The headers may be difficult to install without the help of a professional technician, as some consumers have complained.

Overall, auto enthusiasts and mechanics have high praise for Doug’s Headers, which they attribute to the company’s dedication to quality and performance.

Hooker Headers

Hooker Headers is a popular name in the exhaust system industry, producing high-quality products for vehicles and trucks. The business makes headers for all sorts of vehicles, including muscle cars, SUVs, and even street rods.

Hooker Headers are known for their high-quality build. They are built to last, using high-quality materials like stainless steel, and are guaranteed to do so. In addition, the increased exhaust flow made possible by Hooker Headers is intended to boost engine performance, which in turn may increase horsepower and torque.

In general, Hooker Headers have a solid reputation for reliability, longevity, and quality in the automobile sector. But before you buy any headers, you should check to see if they are suitable for your car and driving style.

Patriot Exhaust Headers

Patriot Exhaust headers are well-known for their sturdiness and their ability to boost performance. The headers are durable since they are constructed from high-quality materials like stainless steel. The headers are available in a wide range of variants to accommodate a wide variety of automobiles.

Patriot Exhaust headers have received high marks for their simple installation, which eliminates the need for expensive labor from mechanics. The headers also make the engine run more efficiently, which boosts the power and torque. Users have also noted an improvement in the exhaust system’s quality, which produces a pleasant noise.

Numerous vehicle owners have expressed satisfaction after installing Patriot Exhaust headers. Many motorists opt for them because of their high quality and long lifespan.

T-Bucket Headers

Exhaust headers known as “T-Bucket Headers” are built for maximum performance in T-Bucket hot rods. They improve the vehicle’s performance by increasing its exhaust flow and horse power.

High-quality materials, like stainless steel or ceramic coated steel, are often used to make these headers, so they will last a long time without rusting or corroding.

T-Bucket Headers require some mechanical expertise to install correctly, therefore it’s not always easy to get them on a car. However, after they are installed, these headers can greatly enhance the vehicle’s performance.

T-Bucket Headers can range in price from the low hundreds to the thousands of dollars depending on the manufacturer, design, and other factors. T-Bucket Headers are widely regarded as a great purchase for individuals who want to boost the performance of their hot rod.

In conclusion, your search for the greatest flathead headers for your motorcycle can end with any of the options presented here. High-performance and long-lasting headers are available from each of these manufacturers. Make sure you pick the option that works for your car and your needs.

How to Pick the Perfect Flathead Headers for Your Car

Although flathead engines have been mostly rendered obsolete by modern technological advancements, they continue to find favor among vintage automobile enthusiasts, street rodders, and racers. To get the most out of them, though, you’ll need to make a few adjustments, one of which is choosing appropriate headers. Increased airflow and improved exhaust efficiency lead to greater horsepower and torque, all thanks to the headers. Here is a comprehensive guide to selecting the finest flathead headers for your engine upgrade.

Things to Think About Before Purchasing the Header

Let’s go through the basics so you can make an educated decision before we get into the specifics of exhaust headers.

Identifying the year, manufacturer, and displacement of your vehicle’s engine is the first step in choosing the right header for your ride. Knowing whether your flathead engine calls for a standard 4-4 header or a split header is essential. Think about the vehicle’s intended use, whether for daily driving, off-roading, or racing, as well as its weight and dimensions.

Headers are often fabricated from ceramic coated steel, mild steel, or stainless steel. Stainless steel’s durability and resistance to rust make it the finest option among the available materials. Keep in mind, though, that it is somewhat pricey.

The cost of headers varies widely from one manufacturer and type to another. Prior to looking into your possibilities, you should establish a financial limit. Even while it’s tempting to go with the least expensive option, a high-quality header that fits your needs will last longer and perform better in the long run.

Headers with Flat-Top Cylinders

Headers come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, and picking the proper one for your vehicle is mostly determined by its intended purpose. These are some of the most well-liked options for flathead engine headers now on the market.

Headers in the style of a ram’s horn are a time-honored addition to vintage automobiles. The double U-shaped design allows for increased flow and a little boost in torque and horsepower without requiring major modifications to the engine. They give your vehicle a remarkable retro vibe while still looking modern.

Headers that “hug” the engine block reduce the overall length of the exhaust system, making them ideal for cars with low ground clearance. These headers are simple to install and will transform the sound of your car’s exhaust system. If you’re looking for an inexpensive update, block hugger headers are the way to go.

Flathead engines typically use Fenton headers, which are the industry standard. The first two cylinders and the center two cylinders have their own header outlets that lead directly into the collector. They are great for improving engine performance since they reduce heat and noise while adding both torque and horsepower.

Headers with a shorter tube length are highly recommended for competitive drivers. Instead of the traditional U-bend, they use smooth shafts, which allow for greater airflow and a faster response time. When building a high-performance engine or a vehicle for street racing, it’s better to use short tube headers.

Sanderson Headers: Sanderson headers are a trusted name in the industry, celebrated for decades of innovative product design. Their headers are superior than the competition due to their high level of craftsmanship and durability. You can tailor the performance of your vehicle with these interchangeable headers.


The efficiency and effectiveness of your flathead engine depend on your choice of header. Choosing the correct header is dependent on a number of considerations, including the engine configuration, budget, and material discussed in this article. In addition to cost and aesthetic preferences, think about how you want to use the car. Your flathead engine’s performance and efficiency can be greatly improved with a new header.


Where do Flathead headers come from?

Exhaust manifolds called “flathead headers” are made specifically for flathead engines and feature strategically-spaced pipes to maximize exhaust flow and boost power.

To what extent do the best flathead headers improve performance?

The most effective flathead headers can raise the engine’s output and efficiency while reducing fuel consumption.

How do I know which flathead headers are the best for my car?

Several factors, including engine type, vehicle make and model, and desired performance, should be considered while settling on the best flathead headers for your car. Talk to a professional or do some reading to figure out what choices will work best for you.

Do flathead headers work with all motors?

Actually, flathead headers are only compatible with flathead motors. They are not compatible with any other motor or design.

How much do flathead headers cost?

There is a wide range in price for flathead headers because of variables including make, model, and material. Prices might vary from the hundreds to the thousands.

How difficult are flathead headers to put in?

The brand and style of flathead headers you buy can affect how challenging they are to install. A professional installer may be necessary for some, while others can be set up on your own.

Putting in flathead headers by myself: possible?

Do it yourself flathead header installation is possible if you have experience with auto repairs and modifications. You should consult an expert, nevertheless, if you lack experience with the procedure.

Do flathead headers necessitate any sort of upkeep?

Maintaining top performance from your car’s flathead headers is as important as it is from any other part of the vehicle. Maintenance may involve regular washing and checking.

When do I know it’s time to replace my flathead headers?

Reduced engine performance, poor fuel efficiency, and strange noises or odors are all indicators that you may need to replace your flathead headers.

Reduced engine performance, poor fuel efficiency, and strange noises or odors are all indicators that you may need to replace your flathead headers.

High-quality flathead headers can be found from a variety of manufacturers, such as Speedway Motors, Doug’s Headers, and LimeWorks Speed Shop. You can find the best brand to suit your needs by researching the available brands and reading reviews.