Best Headers for Ford 390: Top 10 Products or Services

Ford’s 390 V8 engine is one of the most popular American muscle engines, found in countless street rods, muscle vehicles, and trucks. Since its introduction in the late ’50s, the Ford 390 engine has been a favorite of speed freaks everywhere. Installing new headers is one of the simplest and most effective ways to increase the efficiency of your Ford 390 engine. The 10 greatest heads for the Ford 390 motor are detailed here.

Hedman Hedders 88300

The Hedman Hedders 88300 are a set of headers made for small block V8 engines found in Chevrolet/GMC pickups and SUVs from 1974-1989. The headers’ primary tube diameter is 1-5/8 inches and the collector diameter is 3 inches; both are built from 18-gauge mandrel-bent steel tubes. They are protected from rust and extreme temperatures by a ceramic coating.

The manufacturer claims the Hedman Hedders 88300 boosts power and torque by increasing the engine’s exhaust flow. Installing the headers is easy because they come with everything you need. They are a direct fit for the existing exhaust system on your vehicle.

Customer reviews give the Hedman Hedders 88300 high marks for its high quality construction and noticeable performance improvements. Some reviewers noted a more powerful sound from the exhaust and a more responsive throttle. However, some customers have complained that the installation process is difficult and time-consuming, especially for people with little to no experience working on automobiles.

Overall, the Hedman Hedders 88300 appears to be a decent option to consider if you own a Chevrolet/GMC pickup or SUV from 1974-1989 powered by a small block V8 engine and are in the market for headers to enhance performance and sound.

Ford Performance M-9430-L58

Intake manifold for 5.8L Ford Performance engines, part number M-9430-L58. Aluminum construction and a high-flow layout boost both power and torque. The M-9430-L58 can be swapped out for the original manifold without any modifications, and it works with both the factory and aftermarket throttle bodies.

The M-9430-L58 is advertised as having the ability to boost acceleration and towing because of its increased low and mid-range torque. Alternators, power steering pumps, and air conditioning compressors are just some of the original equipment that can be used in tandem with it.

However, it is recommended that you do additional research and read reviews from people who have installed the device on their vehicles before making a purchase.

Hooker Headers 6901HKR

The 6901HKR from Hooker Headers is a set of long-tube headers made for 5.0L Mustangs from 1979 to 1993. They have a thick flange for a reliable seal and are manufactured of 304 stainless steel. The 3″ collector and mandrel-bent shape of these headers make them ideal for use with manual gearboxes but may necessitate some alterations for use with automatics.

According to customer reviews on various automotive-related websites, the Hooker Headers 6901HKR are generally well-regarded for their quality construction, easy installation, and improved performance. However, some customers have noted that the headers may be loud and may require additional modifications or tuning for best performance.

In conclusion, the Hooker Headers 6901HKR is a good option if you want to upgrade the performance of your Mustang with a set of headers.

Dougs Headers D632Y

The Doug’s Headers D632Y is a racing performance header made of mild steel or stainless steel for certain 4.8L, 5.3L, and 6.0L engine-equipped Chevrolet and GMC pickups and SUVs. This header is intended to increase both horsepower and torque by enhancing exhaust flow.

The header is complete with all of the essential gaskets, nuts, fittings, and hardware for installation, and it boasts precision-engineered primary tubes that are mandrel-bent for enhanced air flow and a thick flange that ensures a tight seal between the header and the cylinder head.

The Doug’s Headers D632Y has received mostly positive feedback from customers, who have praised the product’s ease of installation, increased power, and low, aggressive exhaust note that is enjoyable on the road or the track.

Patriot Exhaust H8059-1

Patriot Exhaust H8059-1 headers are constructed from 16 gauge mandrel-bent tube with 3/8″ thick flanges for 1999-2006 Chevrolet and GMC 1500 pickups. All necessary bolts, nuts, and gaskets are included with the headers.

The Patriot Exhaust H8059-1 headers have gotten generally excellent comments from customers, as evidenced by reviews posted on numerous online review sites. Their enhanced performance and acoustic quality are much appreciated by buyers. Some users said assembly was simple and uncomplicated, while others said adjustments were necessary for a snug fit.

Overall, multiple user reviews suggest that the Patriot Exhaust H8059-1 is a decent choice if you are searching for a high-quality pair of headers for your Chevy/GMC vehicle.

Flowtech 12112FLT

For muscle cars and hot rods using a small block Chevy LS swap, Flowtech offers the 12112FLT stainless steel exhaust system. It is a dual-exit setup with mandrel-bent tubing for better exhaust flow and increased performance. The system’s two chambered, straight-through mufflers provide a powerful roar.

User evaluations claim the Flowtech 12112FLT is straightforward to set up, has a snug fit, and improves both output and audio quality. However, some listeners found the system to be annoyingly droning at high speeds.

If you’re working on an LS swap and need a high-performance exhaust system without breaking the bank, the Flowtech 12112FLT looks like a good option.

BBK Performance 1535

If you want more power out of your engine, consider installing the BBK Performance 1535 cold air intake system. It is designed to work with a wide range of muscle cars, including the 2015–2017 Ford Mustang GT.

A high-capacity washable and reusable air filter, an intake tube, and mounting hardware are all part of the package. It’s meant to switch out for the factory system, which is usually less efficient.

BBK Performance claims that their 1535 package for the Mustang GT can increase performance by up to 15 hp and 12 lb-ft. Actual performance improvements may differ from those predicted due to factors like the state of the vehicle, the modifications made, and the surrounding environment.

The BBK Performance 1535 cold air intake system is a favorite among Mustang owners since it improves the vehicle’s power and gives it a more aggressive appearance under the hood.

JBA Headers 1650S

The JBA Headers 1650S are a set of stainless steel headers made to enhance your vehicle’s performance. After installing these headers, several customers have noticed a substantial increase in both horsepower and torque.

Reviews have noted that the headers make the exhaust sound deeper and more aggressive, giving the car a more athletic feel.

It’s touted to be a simple bolt-on fit for the majority of automobiles, making installation a breeze. The limited lifetime warranty on the headers further reassures buyers that they have made a good choice.

The JBA Headers 1650S appears to have a positive reputation among car owners due to its high quality and simple installation.

Sanderson Headers FC4

The Sanderson Headers FC4 is an upgrade in both performance and noise level for Ford engines. The company claims that these headers are made from 16-gauge steel, are mandrel-bent for a snug fit, and have a ceramic coating finish for superior thermal performance.

After installing these headers, a number of users saw gains in both power and the aggressiveness of their exhaust note. Some customers have complained that the installation process is too complicated or time-consuming, thus they suggest hiring a professional mechanic.

Many delighted customers have given the Sanderson Headers FC4 their stamp of approval, so it’s safe to say that this improvement is a good one for Ford motors.

Pacesetter 70-2267

Pace’s multi-purpose router, the Pacesetter 70-2267, can handle a wide variety of tasks. Ethernet, SFP, and ADSL/VDSL are just few of the WAN interfaces it offers. It also has an SPI firewall, DoS prevention, and content filtering, along with 4 Gigabit LAN ports, VPN support, and more.

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If you want to get the most out of your Ford 390 engine, you need to have the appropriate heads for it. The above headings are representative of the range of possibilities. Headers are an integral part of your car, so you should get ones that are tailored to your make and model. Think about the product’s diameter, collector size, and material quality before you buy. The appropriate headers will allow your Ford 390 engine to run to its fullest capacity.

Getting the Most Out of Your Ford 390: Deciding on the Right Headers

High-quality headers can do wonders for the performance of your Ford 390, so it’s a good idea to invest in them if you want to improve the car’s efficiency. Headers are a crucial part of your car’s exhaust system because they boost the efficiency of the exhaust gas and thus the amount of power and torque your engine can produce. Choosing the ideal headers for your Ford 390, however, might be challenging due to the abundance of options currently available. In this article, we will go over the most important criteria to consider when purchasing headers for your Ford 390, as well as the best solutions currently available.

Learning About the Ford 390 Motor

Getting familiar with the Ford 390 engine is a prerequisite to learning about its characteristics and customization opportunities. Many Ford vehicles, including the Galaxie, Thunderbird, and Mustang, were equipped with the 390 engine during its production run from 1961 to 1976. It’s a V8 engine, and it’s built to crank out lots of power and torque for towing and other heavy-duty applications. Because of its longevity and dependability, the Ford 390 engine is still a favorite among speed demons and gearheads.

Selecting Appropriate Headings

There are a few crucial factors to think about while selecting headers for your Ford 390. The most crucial ones are as follows:


Stainless steel, mild steel, and ceramic-coated steel are the three most popular materials for headers. The most expensive option, stainless steel headers also tend to survive the longest. Mild steel headers are typically less expensive than their stainless steel counterparts, although they may not survive as long. Ceramic-coated steel headers are more cheap than stainless steel and offer high heat resistance, making them a reasonable compromise between the two.


Headers come in a variety of sizes, and choosing the proper one for your vehicle’s motor is essential. If the headers are too small, the exhaust cannot flow freely, resulting in a decrease in engine performance. But if the headers are too big, your engine might not get adequate back pressure, and the torque will suffer. It is recommended that you get advice from a professional or review the manufacturer’s guidelines to determine the correct size.


Long tube, short tube, and intermediate length headers are only some of the varieties available. High-performance engines benefit most from the increased exhaust flow provided by long tube headers. In comparison to long tube headers, short tube headers are less expensive and generate higher low-end torque. If you can’t decide between long and short tube headers, a sensible compromise is to go with the latter.


Investing in high-quality headers for your Ford 390 can do wonders for its performance, giving you access to more horsepower and torque. Keep in mind the headers’ material, size, and design when you shop. Also, be sure the manufacturer you go with has headers that are made for the engine in your automobile. The overall performance of your Ford 390 engine can be improved by following these suggestions and investigating the top recommended headers listed in this article.


For a Ford 390, which headers do you recommend?

Hooker Headers, Flowtech Headers, and Doug’s Headers are just a few of the many excellent manufacturers of Ford 390 headers.

What kind of fabric should the headers be constructed from?

Headers can be constructed from ceramic-coated steel, mild steel, or stainless steel. Ford 390 headers can be made from a variety of materials depending on price and intended function.

Which are better for my Ford 390, long headers or short headers?

High-performance applications benefit most from long-tube headers, whereas low-end torque is best served by short-tube headers.

For a Ford 390, what should the ideal size of the header pipes be?

Header pipe diameters typically range from 1 3/4 inches to 1 7/8 inches, though this varies from engine construction to application.

Will adding headers to my Ford 390 improve its performance?

As a result of their ability to increase exhaust flow and decrease backpressure, headers can indeed boost horsepower.

Can I replace the heads on my Ford 390 by myself?

If you’re not familiar with the process, getting headers installed on your Ford 390 is a complex job that’s best left to the pros.

Does putting headers on a Ford 390 have any drawbacks?

A Ford 390 with aftermarket headers installed may experience greater noise and vibration and fail emissions testing.

How much should I expect to pay for a set of good Ford 390 headers?

Ford 390 headers can cost anything from $300 to $1,500 for the best of the best.

What are the best headers to install on my Ford 390?

The greatest Ford 390 headers for your vehicle can vary from build to build and use to use. If you’re looking for tailored advice, a performance shop is the way to go.

How should I care for my Ford 390 headers?

Ford 390 headers last longer if they are regularly cleaned and maintained. Headers should be cleaned with a high-temperature cleaner and checked for damage and wear on a regular basis.