Best Slip-On Exhaust for Kawasaki Z900 – Top 10 Products or Services

The Kawasaki Z900 is, without a question, a top-tier motorcycle. The robust engine of this motorcycle makes for a thrilling ride. However, if you want to take your Kawasaki Z900’s performance to the next level, an exhaust system improvement is in order. The performance and sound of your motorcycle can be quickly and easily improved by installing a slip-on exhaust. However, it might be difficult to pick the finest option among the numerous that are available. We have created a list of the top slip-on exhausts for the Kawasaki Z900 to assist you make your decision. Allow me to take a peek.

Yoshimura R-77 Slip-On Exhaust

One of the most sought-after motorcycle exhaust systems is the Yoshimura R-77 Slip-On Exhaust. Its purpose is to enhance the motorcycle’s handling and acceleration by raising the horse power and torque while decreasing the bike’s overall mass. High-quality materials like stainless steel, carbon fiber, or titanium are used to construct the exhaust system, and a detachable baffle allows the sound to be customized.

There is a wide selection of motorbikes that can use this exhaust system, from sportbikes and touring bikes to cruisers. Because of how easy it is to install, bikers who want to personalize their rides without hiring a mechanic often go for this option.

Riders that have tried the R-77 Slip-On Exhaust say it improves the performance of their bikes. Many people say that the new exhaust makes a far better sound than the old one. Acceleration and throttle response have been enhanced, according to riders, giving the bike a more responsive and powerful feel.

Some critics, however, point out that the exhaust is much louder than they were anticipating; this may be an issue for some riders or in areas where noise is restricted. Also, the exhaust may not align properly or may be too close to other bike components, according to some riders.

All things considered, the Yoshimura R-77 Slip-On Exhaust is a highly respected aftermarket exhaust system that can enhance a motorcycle’s performance and sound. Before buying any kind of motorcycle aftermarket accessory, you should check to see if it is compatible with your bike and think about whether or not you have any aversions to excessive noise.

Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust

The Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust is a high-end exhaust system meant to enhance both the motorcycle’s sound and its performance. Lightweight and long-lasting elements like titanium and carbon fiber are used in its construction.

The simple slip-on design and straightforward installation process mean that no modifications to your motorcycle’s engine or exhaust system are required.

The Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust’s increased power and torque is one of its many advantages. It also makes your motorcycle sound more powerful and aggressive.

An aftermarket exhaust system may improve your vehicle’s performance, but it may not be legal in your area. Make sure you get the okay from the police before making any changes to your motorcycle.

If you’re looking to upgrade your motorcycle’s performance and sound, go no further than the Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust.

Two Brothers Slip-On Exhaust

The Two Brothers Slip-On Exhaust is a fantastic alternative for anyone wishing to improve their motorcycle. Without having to replace your entire exhaust system, the slip-on exhaust can enhance your motorcycle’s sound and performance.

The high-quality materials used in the construction of the Two Brothers Slip-On Exhaust ensure that it will survive for a long time. The exhaust is meant to be installed in place of your existing exhaust system.

After installing the Two Brothers Slip-On Exhaust, many drivers have noticed an increase in throttle response and an improvement in sound. If you want your motorcycle to have a meatier sound without being overly loud and annoying, this exhaust is for you.

The Two Brothers Slip-On Exhaust is a great upgrade because it can be installed in place of the factory system with minimal modification. This implies that the exhaust system may be installed on your motorcycle without making any other adjustments.

If you want to give your motorcycle a more powerful sound and increase its performance, the Two Brothers Slip-On Exhaust is a perfect option. It’s a fantastic buy that won’t break the bank thanks to its sturdy construction and straightforward assembly.

M4 Slip-On Exhaust

Motorcycle owners who want to enhance their motorcycle’s sound, performance, and aesthetics often choose the M4 Slip-On Exhaust. Improved performance and increased sound levels are also side effects of the exhaust’s four-stroke engine-specific design.

The M4 Slip-On Exhaust has a number of benefits, one of which is its simplicity of installation. It comes with all the hardware you need to attach it to your bike quickly and easily. That’s why it’s so common among bikers who want to upgrade their ride but don’t want to break the bank doing so.

The M4 Slip-On Exhaust has a reputation for producing a powerful and menacing sound. Not incredibly loud, but louder than the factory exhaust. The additional noise is welcomed by many cyclists since it alerts them to speed increases and gear changes.

The M4 Slip-On Exhaust is durable and well-made using premium materials. Lightweight construction is another design goal, as it contributes to better performance and simpler handling.

If you want to upgrade your motorcycle’s sound, performance, and appearance, the M4 Slip-On Exhaust is a fantastic option. It’s a breeze to set up, produces high-quality sound, and is made to last.

Arrow Slip-On Exhaust

When it comes to motorcycle exhaust systems, the Arrow Slip-On Exhaust is among the most well-liked options out there. It’s meant to upgrade your motorcycle’s factory exhaust system with better power, tone, and visual appeal.

Stainless steel and carbon fiber are only two of the high-quality components that went into making the Arrow Slip-On Exhaust. It’s small, lightweight, and comes in several different colors and materials like brushed steel, black aluminum, and carbon fiber.

You may adjust the volume of your motorcycle’s exhaust with the included dB silencer, which is easily removed. It’s made to accommodate a wide variety of sportbikes, naked bikes, and adventure bikes.

In conclusion, the Arrow Slip-On Exhaust is a great aftermarket choice for riders who want to enhance their motorcycle’s performance and sound. It’s a worthwhile purchase for any motorcyclist because it’s simple to set up, looks nice, and will endure for years.

Yoshimura Alpha T Slip-On Exhaust

The exhaust is constructed from premium materials like titanium, carbon fiber, and stainless steel suitable for use in aircraft applications. It has the distinctive tapering shape of Yoshimura instruments and the deep, powerful sound for which they are known.

The Alpha T slip-on exhaust has been widely praised for its ability to boost both horsepower and torque, and numerous riders have attested to these gains. Lightweight exhaust can help with handling and reduce overall mass.

The Alpha T slip-on exhaust offers a stylish and contemporary aesthetic that can improve the overall appeal of your motorcycle. It’ll give your motorcycle a classy finishing touch with its carbon fiber end cap and laser-etched Yoshimura emblem.

In conclusion, the Yoshimura Alpha T slip-on exhaust is an excellent aftermarket addition to your motorcycle. You should know that this isn’t necessarily legal everywhere and may render your warranty null and void. Before making any changes to your bike, be sure to verify with the manufacturer and with the laws in your area.

Scorpion Red Power Slip-On Exhaust

Replacement exhaust systems, like the Scorpion Red Power Slip-On Exhaust, are available for a wide range of motorcycles. Its striking appearance and extreme durability result from its construction of stainless steel and an outer sleeve of carbon fiber.

It has been asserted that the motorcycle’s new exhaust system boosts both its horsepower and torque. It’s also supposed to make the motorcycle’s exhaust noise more forceful and athletic.

The package includes all the tools and parts needed for setup, so it’s literally just a matter of plugging everything in.

If you want to improve your motorcycle’s sound and aesthetic, the Scorpion Red Power Slip-On Exhaust seems like a good choice. When compared to other premium motorcycle exhaust systems, the pricing is also competitive. However, before making a purchase, it is wise to do some research and read reviews from previous customers.

LeoVince LV-10 Slip-On Exhaust

When it comes to customizing your motorcycle’s sound and performance, the LeoVince LV-10 Slip-On Exhaust is a top choice. The LV-10 slip-on, constructed from top-tier components like stainless steel and carbon fiber, produces an intimidating noise on the street or the track.

The LV-10 Slip-On Exhaust is a one-of-a-kind product that manages to be both fashionable and practical. Because of its tapered shape, the muffler is able to maximize both flow and horsepower, while its compact size maintains a low profile.

The LV-10 is simple to set up, and it comes with everything you need to set it up on your own. According to reviews, the LV-10 is noticeably louder and more powerful than the factory exhaust.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to boost your motorcycle’s performance and give it a more distinctive sound, the LeoVince LV-10 Slip-On Exhaust is a high-quality and aesthetically pleasing option.

Austin Racing Slip-On Exhaust

The Austin Racing Slip-On Exhaust is an aggressive-sounding high-performance exhaust system built to improve your motorcycle’s horsepower and torque. Sportbikes like the Yamaha YZF-R1, BMW S1000RR, and Kawasaki ZX-10R can all use it with no problems.

The carbon fiber end cap on the exhaust, built of high-quality stainless steel, makes for a lightweight and sturdy design. It has a slip-on construction that makes it simple to install without having to alter your bike’s existing exhaust.

Professional racers and riders consistently select Austin Racing exhausts for their bikes due to their reputation for excellence. Gains in performance and noise level, however, may depend on the individual motorbike model you own.

In conclusion, the Austin Racing Slip-On Exhaust is a great option for anyone wishing to boost their motorcycle’s performance and sound.

Mivv Oval Carbon Slip-On Exhaust

The Mivv Oval Carbon Slip-On Exhaust is a top-tier aftermarket exhaust system that will enhance your motorcycle’s output, tone, and visual appeal. It’s constructed from carbon fiber, which is both lightweight and strong, and which helps your engine by reducing its weight and enhancing its exhaust flow.

High-performance motorcycles are characterized by a deep, forceful sound produced by the exhaust system. The music isn’t just fun to listen to; it also serves as a warning to other drivers and improves your security on the road.

The Mivv Oval Carbon Slip-On Exhaust is a high-performance exhaust system built from the ground up to maximize power and torque while minimizing exhaust back pressure. Because of this, it is highly recommended for motorcyclists who wish to increase their bike’s acceleration and top speed.

The exhaust is easily attached to your motorcycle with the included mounting hardware. In addition, you won’t need to make any adjustments to your factory exhaust system to accommodate the exhaust.

If you want to improve your bike’s performance, the Mivv Oval Carbon Slip-On Exhaust is a great option to consider. It improves the driving experience by providing more power, less weight, and a more menacing tone.

In conclusion, adding a slip-on exhaust to your Kawasaki Z900 is a great way to improve both its performance and its sound. The aforementioned choices allow you to select the ideal slip-on exhaust for your motorcycle in terms of aesthetics, efficiency, and cost.

How to Select a Slip-on Exhaust for Your Kawasaki Z900

The Kawasaki Z900 is one of the most recognizable motorcycles in the world. In addition to being one of the most potent motorcycles in its class, it also has a reputation for being one of the most aesthetically striking. Slip-on exhausts are a great method to improve the Z900’s performance and sound. If you own a Kawasaki Z900 and are in the market for a slip-on exhaust, this article will serve as a helpful resource.

For Your Kawasaki Z900, Why Pick a Slip-on System?

First, let’s talk about why you need a slip-on exhaust for your Kawasaki Z900, and then we’ll get into the specifics of how to pick the finest one. Among the many factors that contribute to its widespread acceptance among motorcyclists, slip-on exhausts feature:

Because it is lighter and allows more air to pass through, a slip-on exhaust can greatly improve your motorcycle’s performance. Lightening the bike makes it more maneuverable, and the extra airflow boosts the efficiency of the engine, giving the bike greater power.

A slip-on exhaust is another way to upgrade your motorcycle’s sound. Motorcycle fans will like the new exhaust system for its deeper and throatier exhaust noise. In addition, the distinctive tone of your bike’s new exhaust system will set it apart from the pack.

A slip-on exhaust is a simple way to upgrade your motorcycle’s visual appeal. You can get an exhaust system to match the look of your bike among a wide variety of styles.

Slip-on Exhaust Options for the Kawasaki Z900: What You Need to Know

Now that we know why a slip-on exhaust would be an excellent addition to your Kawasaki Z900, we can look at what to look for in an exhaust system.

There is a wide range of prices for slip-on exhaust systems, so it’s crucial to determine your financial limits before shopping. Depending on the manufacturer and quality, slip-on exhausts can cost anywhere from $200 to $1500.

Consideration of the product’s brand and quality is also crucial while shopping for a slip-on exhaust system. Many different manufacturers provide slip-on exhausts for sale, but not all of them are created equal. You should only buy from a well-known company with a history of consistently excellent items.

One must also take into account the exhaust system’s substance. While titanium and stainless steel are the most common materials for slip-on exhaust systems, carbon fiber systems are also available. The good and bad points of each type of material are different. Titanium is light and strong but can be pricey, whereas stainless steel is strong but heavy. Carbon fiber is lightweight and strong but can also be pricey.

When looking for a slip-on exhaust system for your motorcycle, consider how simple it will be to install. There are two types of exhaust systems: those that must be installed by a professional, and those that may be installed by the owner. Pick an exhaust system that comes with straightforward instructions.

Finally, you should think about the guarantee that comes with the exhaust system. You can rest easy knowing you’re covered against manufacturing flaws and other problems with a solid guarantee.


In conclusion, if you own a Kawasaki Z900, a slip-on exhaust system is a must-have. Your bike’s performance, sound, and visual appeal can all benefit greatly from this mod. Whenever you’re in the market for a slip-on exhaust system, keep this article’s advice in mind. Pick a name-brand product, think about how simple it will be to put together, and make sure you have a warranty. Finally, if you’re still undecided about an exhaust system, talk to a professional motorcycle mechanic or other riders who may have insight. Improve the sound and performance of your Kawasaki Z900 with a new slip-on exhaust system.


If you own a Kawasaki Z900, what slip on exhaust do you recommend?

The finest exhaust for your Kawasaki Z900 is the Akrapovic Slip-On Line.

How does the addition of a slide on exhaust to a Kawasaki Z900 change its performance?

Because it reduces weight and increases airflow, a slide on exhaust can boost the Kawasaki Z900’s overall performance.

When it comes to the Kawasaki Z900, what are the distinctions between a slip on and a full exhaust system?

Although full exhaust systems offer more significant performance upgrades, slip ons are more cost-effective and need less time to install.

Can a Kawasaki Z900 with slip-on exhausts be used on public roads?

It’s crucial to verify with local authorities and rules to ensure that your slip on exhaust is street legal before installing it.

Does the Kawasaki Z900 get louder with a slip on exhaust?

To a certain extent, depending on the make and type, a slide on exhaust can increase the volume of a Kawasaki Z900.

Is there any way to boost the Kawasaki Z900’s top speed with a slide on exhaust?

The maximum speed of a Kawasaki Z900 can be increased by installing a slide on exhaust, as this mod increases the bike’s overall performance.

Does the Kawasaki Z900’s warranty become null and void if a slip-on exhaust is installed?

If you own a Kawasaki Z900, installing a slip-on exhaust will not invalidate your warranty, but the manufacturer’s requirements should be followed carefully.

Can the Kawasaki Z900 benefit from a slip on exhaust to improve gas mileage?

Because of the increased airflow, yes, a slip on exhaust can help the Kawasaki Z900 save gas.

How much does a Kawasaki Z900 slip on exhaust system cost?

A slip on exhaust for a Kawasaki Z900 will set you back anywhere from $300 and $800, depending on the brand and features you want.

To put a slip on exhaust on a Kawasaki Z900, how long does it take?

Slip on exhausts for the Kawasaki Z900 may be installed in as little as half an hour with the right knowledge and equipment.