Best Type R Exhaust – Top 10 Products or Services to Consider

The need of a robust exhaust system cannot be overstated for a Honda Type R. Your car’s performance and sound might both benefit from upgrading to a better exhaust system. However, with so many choices on the market, selecting the best exhaust system can be challenging. This post will assist you in locating the best Type R exhaust by providing a list of the top 10 options available.

Apexi N1 Cat-back Exhaust System

Sports cars and high-performance vehicles benefit greatly from the installation of an aftermarket exhaust system, such as the Apexi N1 Cat-back Exhaust System. The increased airflow and less back pressure help boost power, torque, and response time thanks to the high-quality stainless steel used in its construction.

The Apexi N1 Cat-back Exhaust System, as stated by reviews, generates a louder and more powerful exhaust noise than the factory system. It’s been described as a high-pitched scream at high RPMs and a throaty growl at low speeds. With its sleek stainless steel finish and matching muffler, the car’s exhaust system also contributes to its sporty overall appearance.

Some users have complained that the Apexi N1 Cat-back Exhaust System is too noisy for their liking, especially in residential areas or on extended trips. Thus, it is suggested for fans who want a more combative and athletic form of driving.

Invidia Q300 Cat-back Exhaust System

You may improve your car’s sound and performance with an Invidia Q300 Cat-back Exhaust system. It is constructed from high-quality stainless steel, making it long-lasting and corrosion-proof. A mandrel-bent pipe is used in the system to alleviate pressure and improve the exhaust flow.

The “resonated” design of the exhaust system on the Invidia Q300 is one of its distinguishing features; it helps to reduce drone, resulting in a more pleasant driving experience. The wide diameter pipes and shiny chrome finish give your automobile a dynamic look without increasing its volume.

After installing the Invidia Q300 Cat-back Exhaust system, many auto enthusiasts have noticed a boost in performance, especially in terms of horsepower and torque. They also find that the system provides their vehicles a more unique and imposing growl with its deep, aggressive sound.

When it comes to improving your car’s power, sound, and visual appeal, the Invidia Q300 Cat-back Exhaust system is hard to beat. However, before making any changes to your vehicle, you should research the rules and regulations in your area, especially as they pertain to the usage of aftermarket exhaust systems.

Greddy Supreme SP Cat-back Exhaust System

Improve your sports car’s sound and performance with the Greddy Supreme SP Cat-back Exhaust System. The wide diameter piping (76mm/3 inch) and high-quality SUS304 stainless steel construction provide optimal flow with minimal resistance.

The system’s dual wall tips include laser-etched GReddy emblems, and the muffler has a polished finish. The improved sound quality, extra power, and responsive throttle are all benefits of the straight-through architecture.

The system is typically a direct bolt-on with no special modifications, and it works with a wide variety of aftermarket power enhancements. It’s sized to accommodate a wide range of sports automobiles, from the Nissan 350Z to the Subaru WRX to the Mitsubishi Evo and the Mazda RX8.

For those concerned with the aesthetics, quality, and dependability of their sports car’s exhaust system, the Greddy Supreme SP Cat-back Exhaust System is an excellent option.

HKS Hi-Power Cat-back Exhaust System

In order to maximize the performance of turbocharged and normally aspirated engines, HKS created the Hi-Power Cat-back Exhaust System. Its one-of-a-kind layout maximizes exhaust flow for maximum power and torque gains, while also producing a deep, athletic exhaust tone.

After adding the HKS Hi-Power exhaust system, users often report noticeable increases in both power and acceleration. When accelerating, the exhaust tone is described as not being overly loud yet having a nice growl. It has been reported that the construction quality is superb, and that only top-notch materials were employed.

Users report that the HKS Hi-Power exhaust system is simple to set up, and that it can be installed in a matter of hours using only commonplace hand tools.

The HKS Hi-Power Cat-back Exhaust System comes highly recommended by individuals who have used it to improve their vehicle’s performance and sound.

Skunk2 MegaPower R Cat-back Exhaust System

Boost your engine’s output and responsiveness with the help of the Skunk2 MegaPower R Cat-back Exhaust System. For optimal performance and long life, it is constructed using mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing. The megaphone muffler produces a deep, forceful sound and is five inches in diameter with a strengthened tip.

Users of the Skunk2 MegaPower R Cat-back Exhaust System have noted enhancements in both performance and sound quality after the system was installed. They say the exhaust makes it sound more aggressive and increases the vehicle’s power and responsiveness to the throttle. There have been reports of a reduction in weight, which can enhance handling and performance for some users.

When it comes to upgrading a car’s performance and sound, many auto enthusiasts choose for the Skunk2 MegaPower R Cat-back Exhaust System. However, before making any changes to your car, it is crucial to check local laws and regulations, as adding an aftermarket exhaust system may not be permissible in your state.

AEM Cat-back Exhaust System

Improve your car’s overall performance with the help of the AEM Cat-back Exhaust System, a high-performance exhaust system. Because it is crafted from high-quality stainless steel, it can withstand high temperatures without deteriorating. The system’s mandrel-bent design guarantees a steady stream of exhaust gases, cutting down on back-pressure to boost output and vigor.

Your car’s athletic appearance and performance will be amplified by the AEM Cat-back Exhaust System’s deep, aggressive exhaust tone. The polished muffler and angled tip provide a nice finishing touch for your ride. The system may be installed quickly and easily, and it will work with little to no alterations to your vehicle.

In conclusion, the AEM Cat-back Exhaust System is a top pick for speed freaks who want to give your ride a more aggressive rumble. It improves the aesthetic of your car, is simple to install, and lasts a long time. The product comes with AEM’s assurance of high quality and efficiency.

Tsudo Cat-back Exhaust System

Replace your stock exhaust with the superior performance and sound of a Tsudo Cat-back Exhaust System. Mandrel-bent tubing and high-quality 304 stainless steel ensure unobstructed flow. This exhaust system is built to enhance engine sound, boost power and torque, and decrease backpressure.

A wide range of automobiles, including the Honda Civic, Subaru WRX, Mitsubishi Lancer, and others, are supported by the Tsudo Cat-back Exhaust System. The process is simple, and can be completed in a couple of hours for most vehicles.

If you want to improve your car’s performance and sound, the Tsudo Cat-back Exhaust System is a great option. It’s not too loud or annoying, but it does improve the exhaust tone and performance slightly.

Tanabe Medalion Touring Exhaust System

Your car’s performance can be enhanced by installing the Tanabe Medalion Touring Exhaust System. High-quality stainless steel is used in its construction, guaranteeing its durability and lifespan. Your car will look even better than before thanks to the exhaust system’s sleek design and shiny chrome finish.

The low, growling sound produced by the exhaust system is an intentional design choice that improves the ride. If you want a better-sounding exhaust system without sacrificing comfort, this is the system for you because of how well it muffles road noise.

Tanabe’s Medalion Touring Exhaust System is a breeze to set up and comes with everything you’ll need to get the job done. You can rest easy knowing that your investment is safe because the exhaust system comes with a lifetime warranty.

In conclusion, the Tanabe Medalion Touring Exhaust System is a great option for individuals looking to enhance the performance, aesthetics, and sound of their car.

DC Sports Cat-back Exhaust System

DC Sports’ Cat-back Exhaust System continues the company’s tradition of producing high-quality, high-performance exhaust products. Mandrel-bent tubing and a straight-through layout make this system efficient in terms of both airflow with pressure drop. A polished stainless steel muffler and tip add a professional look and long-lasting durability.

Power, torque, and efficiency are all boosted by the DC Sports Cat-back Exhaust System. The manufacturer claims a 10% increase in horsepower and an 8% increase in torque can be achieved with this technology. The exhaust system adds a sporty touch by producing a deep, forceful growl that complements the vehicle’s performance.

Users of this exhaust system claim their vehicles perform better after being fitted with it. Many people have said that the system enhanced their vehicle’s speed, sound, and visual appeal. Installing the system has been described as simple by some customers, however others said they had to make adjustments to make it fit.

Overall, the DC Sports Cat-back Exhaust System is recommended if you want to improve your car’s performance, sound, and visual appeal.

Borla Cat-back Exhaust System

When it comes to aftermarket upgrades that boost both performance and style, the Borla Cat-back Exhaust System is hard to beat. It’s made of polished stainless steel and has mandrel-bent tubing and a straight-through muffler to maximize exhaust flow with little backpressure.

User evaluations claim that compared to the factory exhaust, the Borla Cat-back Exhaust System increases horsepower and torque, enhances throttle response, and produces a more aggressive sound. Users also found the process of setting up the system to be straightforward and satisfying.

The expensive cost of the Borla Cat-back Exhaust System is a frequent complaint from customers. The Borla can be quite a bit more expensive than alternative aftermarket exhaust systems, leaving it out of reach for some motorists.

The Borla Cat-back Exhaust System is a worthwhile investment for individuals who want to enhance their vehicle’s power and sound, but the steep price tag may discourage some buyers.

Finally, after reviewing the aforementioned top 10 Type R exhaust systems, you should be well-equipped to make an informed decision on the ideal exhaust setup for your Honda Type R. We advise picking an exhaust system that suits your needs in terms of price, personal preference, and the trade-off between performance and noise.

How to Find the Perfect Car Type R Exhaust

The exhaust system of a car is crucial because it removes the combustion byproducts from the vehicle. The performance, handling, and aggressive appearance of Honda Type R vehicles have made them legendary. However, it appears that a more powerful exhaust system is the standard in order to maximize the engine’s performance. Custom exhaust systems have been known to provide Type R drivers the edge they’ve been looking for by releasing a few additional ponies from their vehicles. It can be difficult to choose the best exhaust system among the many options available. If you’re shopping for a Type R exhaust, you’ve come to the right place.

Exhaust System Improvements and Their Rewards

As was discussed before, you can gain access to more power and performance by upgrading your exhaust system. Better acceleration, more power, and more torque are all benefits of a well-designed exhaust system. The car’s exhaust system has been updated to make it sound more aggressive and athletic. Who wouldn’t want their car to produce a loud roar whenever the accelerator was pressed?

Various Exhaust Methods

Exhaust systems come in a wide variety, each with its own set of pros and cons. Exhaust systems typically used are:

Axle-Back Mufflers

Axle-Back exhaust systems retain every other part of the original exhaust system. They are meant to be installed in place of the stock muffler to give the vehicle a more aggressive tone. Axle-back exhaust systems have the benefit of being simple to install and making minimal changes to the stock exhaust. They are ideal for individuals on a tighter budget due to their low cost.

Cat-Back Muffler

Exhaust systems from the catalytic converter back are replaced by cat-back exhaust systems. Pipes, a muffle, and a resonator are included. Due of the additional pieces needed, cat-back exhausts are more expensive than axle-back systems. Cat-back exhaust systems have the advantage of increasing flow rate, which in turn increases power and torque. They make a more menacing and athletic noise than the stock exhaust.

Tailpipe Sound

The complete exhaust system, including the turbocharger and catalytic converter, can be swapped out for a downpipe exhaust system. They are built to lessen exhaust backpressure and increase exhaust flow, hence increasing engine output. Downpipe exhaust systems have many benefits, including enhanced engine responsiveness, increased horsepower, and a deeper, more aggressive exhaust note. The downside is that they are more expensive and more complicated to install than cat-back and axle-back systems.


Headers are an upgrade to the exhaust system’s original manifold. They are made to increase airflow to the cylinders, which in turn boosts engine output. When installed, headers improve the engine’s airflow, leading to more power and torque. Headers can make the exhaust sound more powerful and aggressive. Headers have the drawbacks of being difficult to install and costly.

In-Back Full-Turbo Exhaust

The complete system from the turbocharger to the back of the vehicle is replaced by the full turbo-back exhaust system. The downpipe, pipes, muffler, and resonator are only some of the included parts. A full turbo-back system has the most potential for enhancing horsepower and torque because it is the most thorough and efficient exhaust system. A turbo-back also produces a louder and more threatening exhaust tone. It’s the priciest and most difficult exhaust system to install, which is a major drawback.

How to Pick an Appropriate Exhaust System


When picking an exhaust system, it’s important to pay attention to how it sounds. Do you want the exhaust to have a low, menacing tone, or do you just want to make the car sound better? The decision should be made on the basis of individual preference, but it is crucial that the vehicle complies with all applicable noise ordinances.

Improvement in Strength

Power and acceleration are what a new exhaust system is all about. The amount of power increase desired will determine the type of exhaust system you install.


Steel, titanium, and aluminum are just a few of the materials used to construct exhaust systems. The exhaust system’s weight, lifespan, and cost are all determined by the material chosen. Titanium’s higher cost over steel belies the material’s superior performance.


The reliability of the exhaust system’s manufacturer is also important. Choose a well-known brand for guaranteed quality, longevity, and efficiency.


Which Type R exhaust is best is a matter of taste, driving style, and finances. However, the main reason to have a new exhaust system is to boost the vehicle’s performance and give it a more sporty and aggressive tone. When shopping for an exhaust system for your Type R car, you should prioritize things like noise level, horsepower increase, quality of construction, and manufacturer reputation.


Which exhaust system is ideal for a type R?

Which type R exhaust is best is a matter of taste and how much power increase you want. Popular choices include the Skunk2 Alpha Series Exhaust System, the HKS Hi-Power Exhaust System, and the Injen Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust.

How can an exhaust system improve performance?

Better exhaust flow is made possible by installing an exhaust system, which in turn enhances power and decreases resistance to rotation (back pressure).

If I install a new exhaust system, would my car be louder?

A modified exhaust system will indeed make your automobile sound better and louder.

Can I install an aftermarket exhaust in my vehicle?

As long as they don’t produce excessive noise or pollutants, most aftermarket exhaust systems are within the law.

Can I just replace the muffler, or should I get a new exhaust system as well?

While upgrading the complete exhaust system is ideal, even just the muffler can result in noticeable improvements in sound quality and engine output.

Which exhaust system is best for my Honda Civic Type R?

When picking an exhaust system, it’s important to think about how loud you want it to be, how much you want to spend, and how you want your car to look and sound.

If I install a new exhaust system, would that affect my warranty in any way?

It’s vital to verify with your dealership before installing an aftermarket exhaust system, as doing so may void parts of your warranty.

Should I hire a professional or can I put in my own exhaust system?

Although an exhaust system can be installed at home with the right tools, it is advised that people with little experience use a professional.

Does it make a difference what the exhaust system is made of?

The exhaust system’s material might affect its performance and longevity. Stainless steel’s corrosion resistance and longevity make it a popular material choice.

Will a better exhaust system help my car use less gas?

An aftermarket exhaust system can enhance fuel economy if it increases airflow and decreases engine load. However, each person’s experience may be unique.