The Top 10 Loudest Exhausts for the Nissan 370Z

You wouldn’t be the first owner of a Nissan 370Z to consider replacing the stock exhaust system. An aftermarket exhaust system will make your automobile sound more powerful and aggressive while also boosting its performance. But how can you decide between all the possibilities? Don’t worry, we’ve ranked the loudest 370Z exhausts currently on the market from quietest to loudest.

HKS Hi-Power Exhaust

To boost your car’s performance and sound, install an exhaust system like the HKS Hi-Power Exhaust. It is crafted from superior materials and boasts an original layout that results in a deep, powerful exhaust note.

Mandrel-bending the exhaust system guarantees optimal performance by reducing backpressure and maximizing power and torque. A high-flow muffler is used to further enhance performance by decreasing backpressure and improving exhaust flow.

The HKS Hi-Power Exhaust is adaptable to a wide range of vehicles and driving styles thanks to its cat-back and axle-back variations. It’s compatible with a broad variety of cars, including Japanese and domestic models.

The HKS Hi-Power Exhaust, in general, is a high-quality exhaust system that provides noticeable performance improvements and a more powerful sound. For those who wish to elevate their vehicle’s performance to the next level, it is the ideal choice thanks to its high quality construction and distinctive style.

Tanabe Medallion Concept G

For the Infiniti G35 and G37, Tanabe offers a high-performance aftermarket exhaust called the Medallion Concept G. The setup is meant to enhance exhaust flow and loudness by swapping out the factory mufflers for something more efficient. The exhaust system is comprised of corrosion- and rust-resistant stainless steel, and it ends in quad tips that give the car a more aggressive appearance.

In addition to boosting engine power and torque, the Medallion Concept G also enhances throttle response, as claimed by Tanabe. Better gas mileage is another benefit of the exhaust system’s decreased backpressure. In addition, the system’s exhaust notes are calibrated to enhance the vehicle’s performance rather than detract from it by being excessively loud or harsh.

In conclusion, the Tanabe Medallion Concept G is a good option for those who want to enhance the performance and sound of their Infiniti G35 or G37. As with any aftermarket upgrade, though, you should do your homework and consider the trade-offs carefully before making a final decision.

Agency Power Catback Exhaust

The Agency Power Catback Exhaust has received a lot of positive feedback from buyers due to its sturdy construction and powerful tone. They claim the exhaust makes their car quicker and more responsive by increasing its horsepower and torque. They have also noticed an improvement in the engine’s responsiveness and sound, both of which contribute to a more pleasurable driving experience.

The Agency Power Catback Exhaust has received praise for its convenient design, which eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming installation services. Additionally, customers have seen increased MPG, which could lead to long-term cost savings.

However, the exhaust is a bit louder than some customers had hoped, which may be an issue for some. In addition, several passengers have complained about an unpleasant drone or resonance during extended trips.

All things considered, the Agency Power Catback Exhaust is a high-quality exhaust system that may enhance your vehicle’s performance, sound, and fuel economy. You should weigh the benefits and drawbacks carefully before making a commitment, as it may not be right for you.

Invidia Gemini Catback Exhaust

Many auto enthusiasts opt for the Invidia Gemini Catback Exhaust for their vehicles. The exhaust system is meant to make the vehicle more powerful and intimidating to the listener. The stainless steel used in the exhaust’s construction ensures its longevity and durability. The most noticeable portion of the exhaust system, the muffler, is stylishly designed to complement any vehicle. The sound of the exhaust is low and strong without being overbearing. The volume is noticeable outside the vehicle but not deafening within.

The Invidia Gemini Catback Exhaust has a simple installation process. The exhaust is made for a universal fit and includes all mounting hardware. It usually takes a few hours to finish the installation process.

The enhanced performance is just one of the many benefits of installing an Invidia Gemini Catback Exhaust. The engine’s efficiency and power are both enhanced by the exhaust system’s contribution to greater airflow. The exhaust system helps the engine out by decreasing backpressure.

In addition to its great performance, the Invidia Gemini Catback Exhaust is affordably priced. The Invidia Gemini Catback Exhaust is highly recommended if you want to upgrade your vehicle’s performance and give it a distinct sound.

Borla Catback Exhaust

An increasingly common modification for high-performance vehicles is the Borla Catback Exhaust system. The increased power and torque output of the engine is the intended result of this modification, which improves the flow of exhaust gases. The high-quality stainless steel construction, mandrel-bent tubing, and custom mufflers provide a powerful yet refined exhaust system.

After installing the Borla Catback Exhaust, many drivers have noticed a significant increase in performance and a more responsive throttle. The exhaust note is particularly noteworthy, with many people claiming it to be the greatest in its class. They say it’s loud enough to be noticed but has a deep, aggressive, and sporting tone.

The Borla Catback Exhaust system is more costly than some other aftermarket exhaust choices, according to some customers. They acknowledge the higher price tag, but insist the product’s superiority is worth it. It’s also recommended to have the system professionally fitted to avoid the fitment and installation problems that some users have experienced.

The Borla Catback Exhaust, in general, is a popular aftermarket addition for those who own sport and performance vehicles and want to enhance both the vehicle’s performance and its sound.

Ark Grip Exhaust

The Ark Grip exhaust is a high-performance system that will enhance your car’s output, fuel economy, and acoustics. The performance of the vehicle is not sacrificed in order to get a deeper, more aggressive exhaust tone with this exhaust system.

High-quality components like stainless steel and titanium go into making the Ark Grip exhaust system, making it long-lasting and resistant to adverse climate and temperature conditions. Drivers can alter the look of their car to their liking by adjusting the exhaust tips.

The unique sound of the Ark Grip exhaust system is a frequent point of praise. Customers love the low, rumbling sound of the exhaust because they say it makes their car seem more powerful and dynamic.

In sum, the Ark Grip exhaust system is an excellent choice if you’re looking to upgrade your car’s sound and performance. Despite being more costly than other alternatives, the quality and performance of the Ark Grip exhaust have won over many clients.

GReddy Revolution RS Exhaust

A high-performance exhaust system, the GReddy Revolution RS Exhaust improves your car’s sound, performance, and handling. Built to last out of durable materials like stainless steel, its innovative layout ensures maximum flow with minimal resistance.

Those in need of a more performance-oriented exhaust system will find the GReddy Revolution RS Exhaust’s strong, deep tone to be ideal. Because of its 80mm piping and straight-through construction, it is possible to enhance both horsepower and torque without compromising either.

The GReddy Revolution RS Exhaust is user-friendly and ships with all installation materials. It complies with all emission regulations and is therefore legal for public use.

The GReddy Revolution RS Exhaust is an excellent option if you want to upgrade your car’s performance and sound without sacrificing comfort or handling.

ETS Catback Exhaust

One of the most well-liked aftermarket exhaust systems available is the ETS (Extreme Turbo Systems) Catback Exhaust. It is long-lasting and resistant to rust and corrosion because of the high-quality materials used in its construction, such as stainless steel.

The ETS Catback Exhaust can help you get more power and torque out of your vehicle by increasing the exhaust flow. It also results in a more powerful and threatening exhaust noise, much to the delight of the car-loving public.

Many happy customers have commented on the enhanced performance and refined sound of their vehicles after installing the ETS Catback Exhaust. It is important to remember, however, that installation might be difficult without the right equipment and knowledge.

Stillen Catback Exhaust

You can enhance your car’s sound and performance with a Stillen Catback Exhaust system. Mandrel bent tubing and high-quality stainless steel construction contribute to a decrease in pressure behind the engine, resulting in more power and torque. The exhaust system’s polished finish and dual exhaust tips contribute to the vehicle’s menacing profile.

Some evaluations claim that the Stillen Catback Exhaust system produces a more powerful but not overpowering exhaust sound than the factory system. An boost in horsepower and torque was reportedly felt by several consumers. There is no need for any cutting or welding during the installation process.

The Stillen Catback Exhaust system improves a vehicle’s performance, sound, and visual appeal, and is therefore widely praised by auto aficionados. The exhaust system may not be street legal in some jurisdictions due to noise level requirements, and installing it may also nullify your vehicle warranty. Before adding any aftermarket additions, be sure to verify with your dealer and any applicable local laws.

Armytrix Valvetronic Exhaust

By enhancing airflow and decreasing backpressure, the Armytrix Valvetronic Exhaust system boosts vehicle performance. The system’s innovative valvetronic design gives the driver complete command over the car’s acoustics and performance.

Stainless steel and titanium, two very high-quality materials, are used in the system’s construction because of their longevity and resistance to corrosion. The exhaust note is also designed to be more forceful and polished than before using this setup.

Valvetronic technology is one of the system’s standout characteristics since it gives the driver complete say over the vehicle’s tone and performance. The driver can simply switch between sport and normal settings by opening or closing the valve using the remote control or a smartphone app.

According to Armytrix, the device enhances vehicle performance by enhancing throttle response, increasing horsepower and torque, and decreasing backpressure.

In conclusion, the Armytrix Valvetronic Exhaust system is a great choice for auto enthusiasts who want to improve their cars’ sound and performance without sacrificing quality or longevity.

In conclusion, one of the simplest and most effective ways to enhance the performance and sound of your Nissan 370Z is to upgrade the exhaust system. These ten systems are the most powerful and aggressive exhausts currently on the market. These exhausts will get you noticed and produce a racing-inspired sound.

The Definitive Resource for Selecting the Loudest 370z Exhaust

The roar of a Nissan 370z’s motor is music to the ears of its many fans. However, an exhaust system that is both loud and aggressive is essential for making an impression. A louder 370z exhaust will do more than turn heads; it will also improve your car’s acceleration and horsepower. The right exhaust system can increase your vehicle’s performance in several ways, including its sound, its horsepower, and its torque.

With so many alternatives, finding the best 370z exhaust system can be challenging. Learn about the many exhaust systems available, why you would want a louder one, and how to pick the best one for your 370z in this in-depth article.

So why go for the louder exhaust?

A louder exhaust system is preferable for a number of reasons. In the first place, results are what matter most. The exhaust system of an internal combustion engine is an essential component because it controls pollutants, decreases backpressure, and boosts power and torque. Faster acceleration and more agile handling are the results of upgrading to a high-performance exhaust system, which also improves the engine’s ability to breathe.

A louder exhaust system also has the added benefit of sounding awesome. An forceful growl is something sought after by many automobile fans, and a louder exhaust can deliver that. It’s important to remember that a 370z with a particularly loud exhaust can be extremely menacing and will definitely turn heads.

Various Exhaust Methods

Exhaust systems can be categorized into three broad categories: cat-back, axle-back, and headers. There are benefits and drawbacks to using various exhaust systems.

Catalytic Converter Exhaust

A cat-back setup is the standard for most vehicles. The entire exhaust system, including the catalytic converter, is updated with this package. If you want more power from your automobile but don’t want to lose its street legality, this is the way to go. It’s a turnkey solution that amps up the tunes, boosts the engine’s ponies, and saves gas. If you want a more powerful and aggressive sound without having to replace your entire exhaust system, this is the ideal option for you.

Axle-Rear Pipe Exhaust

Everything from the vehicle’s rear axle to its exhaust tip is changed out in an axle-back setup. Those looking to upgrade their car’s sound without boosting its power output may consider this solution. Axle-back exhaust systems are less complicated and cheaper than cat-back exhaust systems. If you want a louder automobile but don’t want to spend a lot of time or money on it, this is a wonderful alternative for you.

Exhaust Manifolds and Headers

The stock exhaust manifold is removed and changed with a header system. To prevent the loss of power due to backpressure, the headers are designed to allow for optimum exhaust flow from the cylinder head. Adding headers to your vehicle is a quick and easy way to add horsepower and torque. They also make for a considerably more robust and threatening sound. If you want the best performance and exhaust note possible, you should invest in headers, the most expensive and difficult exhaust system to install.

Considerations for Picking the Right 370z Exhaust System

Now that you know what kinds of exhaust systems are out there for your 370z, it’s time to figure out which one is best for you.


When deciding on an exhaust system, the sound it makes is arguably the most crucial consideration. After all, the goal of most auto fans is to have their vehicles produce a loud, aggressive noise. Some people like it when the sound is low and rumbling, while others like it when it’s high and clear. The diameter of the pipe, the size of the muffler, and the type of exhaust system all contribute to the noise.


One must also think about the exhaust system’s construction materials. Stainless steel, which is used to make a higher-quality exhaust system, is more resistant to rust and corrosion. However, cheaper exhaust systems could be made from cheaper materials like aluminized steel, which wears out faster and needs more upkeep.

Complying with the Law

Before making any changes to your exhaust system, be sure to get the okay from the appropriate authorities in your area. There are state-by-state noise and emission laws that must be followed.


New exhaust systems improve performance, which is vital to think about in addition to the sound quality. Your 370z’s power and responsiveness can be improved with the installation of a high-performance exhaust. Saving money at the gas station might not be far off if you invest in an exhaust system tune-up.


Selecting an exhaust system from a trustworthy manufacturer is crucial. If you’re looking for an exhaust system, go for a well-known manufacturer that specializes in performance exhaust systems.


It’s all about personal preference when deciding on the best 370z exhaust system. You should consider personal taste, available funds, and applicable regulations when selecting an exhaust system. You should think about the sort of exhaust system you want, the sound you want, the materials utilized, the adherence to local restrictions, and the overall performance of the vehicle before making a final choice. Having the correct exhaust system will make your ride more exciting, aggressive, and powerful.


Which aftermarket exhaust system for the Nissan 370Z produces the most noise?

The Tomei Expreme Ti Titanium Catback is the loudest exhaust system available for the 370Z.

Is the Tomei Expreme Ti significantly louder than a factory exhaust?

The volume of the Tomei Expreme Ti exhaust system is amplified in comparison to the factory exhaust.

Will the Tomei Expreme Ti’s system make a droning noise when traveling at high speeds?

When traveling at high speeds, the Tomei Expreme Ti exhaust system is notorious for producing a drone.

Is it legal to drive on the street with a Tomei Expreme Ti exhaust?

Some nations and states have noise limits that make the Tomei Expreme Ti exhaust system illegal to drive with.

What is the price of the Tomei Expreme Ti system?

What is the price of the Tomei Expreme Ti system?

I’m thinking about getting a loud exhaust system for my 370Z; what are the benefits and drawbacks?

A louder exhaust system has many benefits, including a more enjoyable ride, more power, and a more intimidating rumble. Cons include possible infractions on noise ordinances, drone at highway speeds, and diminished gas mileage.

Can I modify my 370Z with a loud exhaust system without nullifying the warranty?

It is vital to verify with the dealership before making any alterations to the exhaust system, as doing so may void the warranty.

Is there another well-liked loud exhaust system for the 370Z?

To get a booming rumble from your 370Z, you can also choose the Invidia Gemini or Stillen Catback exhaust.

Is it possible to increase the 370Z’s volume by simply replacing the muffler?

While it’s true that a new muffler will increase the 370Z’s volume, it’s possible that a whole exhaust system change would be more effective.

Is it difficult to fit a booming exhaust system on a 370Z?

A 370Z with a loud exhaust system installed may call for some mechanical expertise and specialized equipment. For best results, a professional installation is suggested.