Top 10 Best Exhausts for the BMW M4

The BMW M4 is a legendary sports car known for its high level of performance and luxurious interior. Changing up the exhaust system on your BMW M4 is a terrific way to improve the vehicle’s performance, sound, and visual appeal. Although many exhaust systems are on the market, only the best ones in terms of quality, performance, and design truly stand out. This article lists the top 10 exhausts currently available for the BMW M4.

Akrapovic Evolution Line Exhaust System

Improve your car’s overall performance with a high-performance exhaust system like the Akrapovic Evolution Line. There is less backpressure and more power thanks to the high-quality materials and thoughtful design of this exhaust system.

In addition to improving performance, the exhaust system is tuned to provide a dynamic and forceful exhaust noise. Titanium construction with a carbon fiber muffler makes for a lightweight, stylish exhaust system.

The Akrapovic Evolution Line exhaust system may be installed with common household equipment in a matter of hours. The exhaust system, once installed, yields a substantial performance boost and a more threatening growl.

If you want to upgrade your car’s performance and sound, the Akrapovic Evolution Line exhaust system is worth every penny. This exhaust system is top-notch; it’s well-constructed and built to last.

Borla S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System

If you want to upgrade your car’s sound and performance, the Borla S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System is a top pick. The system’s free-flowing design and premium stainless steel construction maximize the efficiency of the exhaust system to boost power and torque.

After installing the Borla S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System, many drivers notice an increase in power and a more threatening growl from their exhaust. The system is meant to provide a low, throaty sound without being overbearing.

Most customers said they were able to set up the system on their own using only a few simple tools. The system’s expensive cost is the only real drawback when compared to similar cat-back exhaust options. The Borla S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System is not for everyone, but it is an excellent option for those seeking a high-quality exhaust system that provides performance upgrades and a great sound.

If you want to improve your car’s performance and sound, the Borla S-Type Cat-Back Exhaust System is a great choice. Its greater power and torque, together with its sturdy build and sleek style, make it a fan favorite among motorists.

Armytrix Full Valvetronic Exhaust System

In sum, the sound, performance, and construction of the Armytrix Full Valvetronic Exhaust System are all highly praised by auto aficionados. The goal of this modification was to increase exhaust flow, reduce vehicle weight, and produce a more assertive and piercing exhaust noise.

Those who intend to use their vehicle for both everyday driving and track days will like the valvetronic system, which allows both a quieter and sportier exhaust note to be selected. High-quality stainless steel is used in the construction of the exhaust system, making it long-lasting and resistant to rust and corrosion.

Customers have noted an audible difference in the sound quality and performance of their vehicles, as well as an increase in horsepower and torque. In addition, they like that it is simple to set up and they can adjust the volume with either a remote or the Armytrix app on their smartphones.

The Armytrix Full Valvetronic Exhaust System is an excellent purchase for individuals seeking a more versatile and potent exhaust setup for their vehicle.

M Performance Stainless Steel Exhaust System

BMW owners can improve their cars’ performance and sound with the M Performance Stainless Steel Exhaust System, an aftermarket addition. Lightweight stainless steel is used in its construction, which both increases its durability and makes the product lighter.

Some reviews have noted that the M Performance Exhaust provides a more aggressive and low-pitched exhaust noise than the stock system. The exhaust system helps the car run better by opening up the air intake and decreasing the amount of pressure holding the engine back.

BMW owners wishing to improve their car’s sound and performance will benefit from installing the M Performance Stainless Steel Exhaust System. This is not a simple bolt-on modification, so you may need to budget for professional installation as well.

Dinan Free Flow Exhaust System

BMW owners can improve their cars’ sound and performance with the help of the Dinan Free Flow Exhaust System, a popular aftermarket exhaust system improvement. This exhaust system is constructed from premium grade stainless steel and is meant to increase power and torque by enhancing exhaust flow and decreasing back pressure.

The Dinan Free Flow Exhaust System has received high marks for its strong exhaust note, sporty sound, and enhanced performance from both experts and customers. Some critics have claimed that the vehicle’s exhaust system gives it a more authoritative and menacing sound, befitting a high-performance machine. Others have remarked on how the system enhances the vehicle’s throttle responsiveness and acceleration, making for a more exciting drive.

The Dinan Free Flow Exhaust System is well-made, sturdy, and reasonably priced, however some buyers have complained that it’s too noisy for their liking. While the boost to your BMW’s performance and general driving experience can be a bit of a challenge during installation, most customers say that it is well worth the effort.

Remus Cat-Back Exhaust System

You can improve the performance and sound of your car’s exhaust with a Remus Cat-Back Exhaust system. Its purpose is to enhance the exhaust gas flow, which in turn can boost power, efficiency, and sound.

The mandrel-bent tubing and other high-quality materials used to construct the Remus Cat-Back Exhaust system ensure that exhaust gases move freely and efficiently. This layout works to reduce backpressure and boost performance by increasing the scavenging effect.

In addition, you won’t need any specialized knowledge or equipment to set up this system on your own. There is no need to make any structural changes to your automobile because it simply bolts onto the factory exhaust system.

People who have installed the Remus Cat-Back Exhaust system on their vehicles have noted considerable gains in performance, including a more refined idle, quicker acceleration, and better gas mileage. The system creates a low, dynamic exhaust note, further enhancing the vehicle’s aesthetic.

Therefore, drivers that value enhanced performance and a more aggressive exhaust note need go no farther than the Remus Cat-Back Exhaust system.

Eisenmann Racing Exhaust System

The German company Eisenmann Racing Exhaust System produces top-tier exhaust components for a wide range of exotic sports and luxury vehicles. They are renowned for the quality of their workmanship, the durability of their materials, and the accuracy of their engineering. Their exhaust systems are tuned to provide optimal performance in terms of power, torque, and sound quality.

Eisenmann Racing Exhaust Systems are constructed from high-grade stainless steel, making them exceptionally resilient to both corrosion and temperature fluctuations. Also available are a variety of muffler and exhaust tip styles to suit the individual taste of each driver.

Eisenmann Racing Exhaust System increases power and torque by decreasing exhaust back pressure, the company says. In addition, the exhaust noise produced by these systems is deeper and more aggressive than that of the factory exhaust, while still being audible.

In conclusion, the Eisenmann Racing Exhaust System is a favorite among car enthusiasts eager to improve their vehicles’ performance, aesthetics, and sound.

Agency Power Cat-Back Exhaust System

Improve your car’s overall performance with the help of the Agency Power Cat-Back Exhaust System. The high-quality stainless steel used in its construction ensures that it will last for years. Mandrel-bent pipe is used in the exhaust system to increase power and torque by maximizing exhaust flow. The system’s resonator and muffler work together to suppress excess noise and keep your car in compliance with pollution regulations.

Users of the Agency Power Cat-Back Exhaust System have noted increased power and torque, as well as a more menacing exhaust noise, after installing the system. Note that your vehicle’s warranty may be voided if you install an aftermarket exhaust system, and that it may not be legal to do so in your area. Before tinkering with your car’s exhaust system, it’s smart to get the opinion of an expert mechanic.

Vorsteiner Valvetronic Exhaust System

You can upgrade the performance of your BMW, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and more with the Vorsteiner Valvetronic Exhaust System. The stainless steel used to create the exhaust system is of the highest quality, making it not only strong but also resistant to rust and corrosion.

The Vorsteiner Valvetronic Exhaust System’s valvetronic technology is a notable feature. By just pressing a button, drivers can modify the system’s exhaust note. This allows you to quickly shift between a forceful, aggressive tone and a softer, more polished one, depending on the context.

The Vorsteiner Valvetronic Exhaust System is a high-performance exhaust system that boosts power and torque noticeably. The system’s increased exhaust gas flow is a contributing factor. Vorsteiner claims that their Valvetronic Exhaust System can increase horsepower and torque by 10 to 15 percent, depending on the vehicle.

In conclusion, any performance-minded motorist would benefit greatly from installing a Vorsteiner Valvetronic Exhaust System. It’s well worth the price for any fanatic due to its sturdy build, adaptable sound, and enhanced performance.

Meisterschaft GT2 Exhaust System

The Meisterschaft GT2 Exhaust System is a state-of-the-art performance exhaust upgrade for luxury sports automobiles. It is available in several different finishes, including polished stainless steel, matte black, and titanium, and is constructed entirely of stainless steel. The straight-through exhaust system is made to improve performance in terms of horsepower and torque while also producing a more aggressive rumble.

The BMW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and more high-end sports cars are all compatible with the Meisterschaft GT2 Exhaust System. The exhaust system is ready to be fitted in your garage or at a local exhaust shop and comes complete with all hardware and instructions.

The Meisterschaft GT2 Exhaust System is an aftermarket exhaust system of exceptional quality and performance that aims to boost your sports car’s output while also giving it a distinctively sporty sound.

The BMW M4 is a spectacular sports car, and as such, it merits an upgraded exhaust system that not only increases performance but also improves the car’s sound and visual appeal. The products on this list are the best BMW M4 exhaust systems available, and each one has its own set of advantages. Exhaust systems featuring valves, a more aggressive tone, and a more race-inspired appearance are all available. To get the most out of your BMW M4 and turn heads while satisfying your need for speed, choose one of these top 10 greatest exhausts.

The Definitive Resource for BMW M4 Exhaust Selection

The BMW M4 is a top-tier performance vehicle that requires premium parts. The vehicle’s engineering is a work of art, thus an equally impressive exhaust system is necessary for peak performance. The BMW M4’s exhaust system carries exhaust and other pollutants away from the motor and into the atmosphere. The exhaust system on your BMW M4 serves primarily to reduce unwanted noise and emissions, but upgrading to a better system can also improve performance metrics like output and efficiency. However, with so many choices on the market, choose the right exhaust for your BMW M4 might be a challenge. Choose the right exhaust for your BMW M4 with the advice in this article.

Why Get a New Exhaust for Your BMW M4?

Before we get into which exhaust system is best for your BMW M4, let’s talk about why you should upgrade it. Increasing your BMW M4’s output is the primary benefit of upgrading its exhaust system. A performance exhaust system is a common modification for BMW M4s since it increases power and torque by up to 15%. In addition, a performance exhaust system will enhance the sound of your vehicle. Exhaust upgrades are essential if you want low, rumbling noises. Changing up the exhaust system will help you shed some pounds. Your BMW M4’s handling and gas mileage can both benefit from a performance exhaust system, which can shave off as much as 20 pounds of unneeded weight. Finally, you may personalize your BMW M4 as you like by installing a performance exhaust system of your choice.

How to Find the Perfect M4 Exhaust System for Your BMW

Now that you know why you should upgrade your BMW M4’s exhaust system, we’ll go over some tips for picking the right one.

Think About How You Usually Drive

Your driving style is an important factor to consider when deciding on an exhaust system. If you drive your BMW M4 for your everyday commute, you should get an exhaust system that isn’t overly loud. On the other hand, a louder and more aggressive exhaust system may be appropriate for those who use their vehicle for racing. The best exhaust system for your BMW M4 can be determined by how you typically drive.

Find Good Quality Supplies

The exhaust’s longevity and efficiency are dependent on the materials with which it is constructed. Stainless steel or titanium are ideal materials for a high-quality exhaust system. High-performance vehicles like the BMW M4 might benefit from these materials due to their longevity, resistance to heat and corrosion.

Verify the Layout

Your BMW M4’s total performance is heavily influenced by the layout of the exhaust system. The exhaust system on your BMW M4 should match the car’s distinctive and aggressive appearance. Choose a stylish exhaust system in a color that matches your car’s exterior. Your vehicle’s output and twisting force can be improved by upgrading to a larger diameter exhaust system with fewer bends.

Think About Slimming Down

Changing to a performance exhaust system for your BMW M4 can help you save gas and make the car easier to drive. Exhaust systems composed of titanium or carbon fiber, which are extremely light, should be considered.

Listen to the Sound Effects

When looking to upgrade the exhaust system on your BMW M4, it’s important to keep noise levels in mind. At higher speeds, you want an exhaust system that has a deep, throaty sound. In addition, you don’t want your exhaust system to be excessively loud and draw the notice of the police.

Think About the Name

When deciding on the ideal exhaust system for your BMW M4, the manufacturer is also crucial. Try to find a manufacturer known for making exhausts that last a long time and don’t let you down when you need them most. Brands such as Akrapovic, Borla, Remus, Invidia, and Magnaflow are widely regarded as the best available.


The performance, sound, and appearance of your BMW M4 can all benefit from a new exhaust system. You should think about how you drive, the materials used, the design, the reduction of weight, the sound quality, and the brand when selecting the ideal exhaust system for your BMW M4. Choose an exhaust system that matches the BMW M4’s one-of-a-kind aesthetic while also producing a deep, throaty sound and being composed of high-quality materials. Finally, in order to avoid being let down, select a well-known manufacturer. The quality of your driving experience can be greatly enhanced by installing a performance exhaust system.


Which exhaust system works best with a BMW M4?

Some of the best exhausts on the market now come from companies like Akrapovic, Armytrix, and Remus.

What is the going rate for a BMW M4 tailpipe?

Brand and type of exhaust system you select will determine final price. You may count on spending between $2,500 and $6,500.

Why is it beneficial to upgrade the BMW M4’s exhaust?

Changing the exhaust system can boost power and torque, quiet the engine, and cut weight.

When installing an aftermarket exhaust on my BMW M4, will I risk having the warranty voided?

Your warranty’s terms will determine that. Depending on the warranty, you may lose coverage if you make changes to your car.

Should I get a tune for my BMW M4 when I swap in a new exhaust system?

In order to maximize performance and guarantee optimum operation after installing an aftermarket exhaust, a tune is highly advised.

May I DIY the BMW M4 exhaust system installation?

Even while you can install an exhaust system on your own, you should probably have a professional do it for you.

When I put an aftermarket exhaust on my BMW M4, how loud will it be?

The exhaust volume is a function of the exhaust system you install. It’s possible to find systems that are meant to be quieter or louder than others.

Can you explain the distinction between a BMW M4 with a cat-back exhaust and one with a full exhaust system?

The difference between a cat-back exhaust and a complete exhaust system is the distance from the catalytic converter.

Can I expect better gas mileage from my BMW M4 if I replace the exhaust system?

An upgraded exhaust system may boost performance, but it usually comes at the expense of fuel economy.

Can I legally modify my BMW M4 with a new exhaust system?

It all boils down to the rules of your home country or state. The usage of some types of exhaust systems may be illegal in some areas due to noise and pollution restrictions.