Top 10 Best Headers for Jeep 258

For many years, off-roaders have relied on the Jeep 258 engine. Many Jeep owners, however, discover that the stock exhaust system is restrictive, and that changing the headers greatly enhances both power and sound. There are a plethora of headers available, making it difficult to settle on the best one. We’ve put up a list of the finest 10 headers for Jeep 258 to save you some time.

Borla Stainless Steel Header

If you want more power and torque from your vehicle, you need the Borla Stainless Steel Header. The T-304 stainless steel used in its construction ensures the product will survive for years.

Those who have fitted a Borla Stainless Steel Header have noticed a significant improvement in power and throttle response. The enhanced exhaust flow and resulting forceful exhaust tone are the intended outcomes of this product.

Customers have experienced a simple and straightforward installation process, as the header is designed to work with stock exhaust systems. All bolts, nuts, and gaskets required for assembly are included in the package.

The Borla Stainless Steel Header is a high-quality component that will make your engine run better and sound better. If you’re a car enthusiast who wants to push the performance of your ride to the next level, this is the upgrade for you.

Pacesetter Header

The Pacesetter Header is an aftermarket performance improvement that widens the exhaust passages and frees up more air for the engine to breathe. The high-quality materials used in its construction ensure its longevity and corrosion resistance.

The Pacesetter Header may be installed on a wide range of vehicles, from trucks and SUVs to sports cars. It is designed to increase power and torque output while enhancing throttle response and fuel economy by being installed in place of the factory exhaust manifold.

In conclusion, the Pacesetter Header is an excellent option for people who want to improve their car’s efficiency. However, depending on the vehicle and the driving conditions, installation may necessitate technical ability and competence, and the performance advantages may vary.

Gibson Performance Header

The Gibson Performance Header is a high-efficiency exhaust header made to enhance vehicle performance. Stainless steel and other premium materials go into its construction, and it’s made to let as much air through as possible to boost performance.

The Gibson Performance Header has CNC mandrel-bent tubing, which helps it fit perfectly and allows for the most efficient exhaust flow possible. It’s equipped with a high-flow catalytic converter that improves performance while cutting down on emissions.

The Gibson Performance Header may be installed on a variety of vehicles, from trucks and SUVs to sports cars. Everything you need, including instructions, is included for a quick and painless set up.

In conclusion, the Gibson Performance Header is an excellent exhaust upgrade that is geared toward performance and can result in considerable gains in power and torque. Your mileage may vary, though, depending on the make and model of your car and any customizations you’ve done.

Flowtech Header

Flowtech Headers is an industry leader in the production of high-quality exhaust headers for muscle cars, trucks, and SUVs. The company’s headers are made to maximize output and low-end torque while also quieting the engine.

Stainless steel and ceramic-coated steel are only two of the high-quality elements that go into making Flowtech Headers last for years to come. The company provides a variety of headers, such as shorty headers and long-tube headers, to accommodate a wide range of vehicles.

Overall, Flowtech Headers is a trusted name in the car business, and their goods are highly regarded by both regular consumers and industry experts.

Hooker Headers

Hooker Headers are commonly considered to be among the finest headers available. They’re long-lasting and reliable, resulting in noticeable performance improvements and a unique exhaust note.

Hooker Headers have received rave reviews from satisfied customers due to its sturdy design and straightforward assembly. There have been numerous reports of enhanced acceleration, throttle response, and fuel economy.

However, there have been reports of problems with fitment and compatibility from some consumers. Others have pointed out that, in comparison to competing items, Hooker Headers are quite pricey.

Hooker Headers, in general, are a fantastic option for auto enthusiasts wishing to boost performance and create a distinctive exhaust note without sacrificing quality. The exceptional quality of the brand’s products comes at a price, so be prepared to spend a premium if you want to make sure they work with your vehicle.

Banks Power Header

Banks Power Headers are made to enhance an engine’s performance by boosting its output in the areas of horsepower and torque by improving exhaust flow and decreasing back pressure. Users who have installed these headers on their vehicles have generally been pleased with the results, while opinions are more varied on the headers’ longevity and ease of installation.

While some customers have voiced displeasure about the product’s poor fit and shoddy welding, others have sang its praises. Some evaluations also talk about the cost and which car models it works with.

The Banks Power Headers look like a good option for people who want to boost their car’s performance, but before buying, they should learn as much as possible about the product.

Hedman Hedder

High-quality headers, such as those made by Hedman Hedders, are available for a wide range of vehicles, from muscle cars to trucks to off-roaders. They use premium materials, cutting-edge design software, and precise production techniques to produce heads for high-performance American automobiles.

The Hedman header is designed to do two things: decrease exhaust backpressure and enhance airflow to the engine, both of which contribute to increased performance. Your car’s engine will benefit from enhanced power, torque, and efficiency after having a Hedman header installed.

The automotive aftermarket community favors Hedman Hedders products because of their reliability and superior performance. Different lengths of header tubes (short, mid, and long) are available, and materials (including stainless steel, mild steel, and ceramic-coated steel) are also flexible.

In conclusion, individuals shopping for a high-performance header for their car should go no farther than Hedman Hedders. Their goods are durable and versatile enough to suit a wide variety of automobiles. If you need a new header, Hedman Hedders should be at the top of your list of potential suppliers.

Doug Thorley Header

Doug Thorley Headers is an industry leader in the production of premium exhaust headers for pickups, SUVs, and high-performance cars. High-quality components like 14-gauge tubing and mandrel-bent pipes go into making their products as long-lasting and efficient as possible.

After installing Doug Thorley Headers, many drivers report an increase in horsepower, torque, and overall vehicle performance. Better fuel economy and lower engine temperature are two other benefits that may result from installing these heads.

In general, exhaust headers made by Doug Thorley Headers are known for their high quality, excellent performance, and long lifespan. However, before making any major alterations to your car, it is essential to do your homework and talk to experts.

Omix-ADA Header

The Jeep Wrangler Omix-ADA Header is a third-party replacement component. It’s built tough to resist the abuse of off-road driving utilizing premium materials. The header was developed to enhance exhaust flow, which in turn boosts power and torque.

Some buyers claim that the Omix-ADA Header made a noticeable difference in the Jeep’s performance. They say there is a discernible increase in power, particularly in the midst of the rev range. A richer exhaust tone is also reported by those who have upgraded to the header.

It has been reported that the Omix-ADA Header may be installed easily and does not necessitate any major adjustments. However, for the greatest results, expert installation is strongly suggested.

For Jeep owners looking to upgrade their vehicle’s performance, the Omix-ADA Header appears to be a good option. It’s well-made, sturdy, and seems to have the enhanced power and torque it promises.

Walker Exhaust Header

Walker Exhaust Header is a high-performance exhaust system made to improve an automobile’s output and response. It has a sturdy stainless steel build and mandrel-bent tubing for improved airflow. The header is designed to increase airflow to the engine and enhance exhaust scavenging, both of which boost performance.

Customer evaluations consistently praise the Walker Exhaust Header as an excellent addition for power and efficiency. It’s simple to set up and makes a big difference in performance. Some buyers have also noted enhanced fuel economy. Material and build quality have also been praised.

There have been isolated reports of customers experiencing fitment and installation difficulties on specific automobiles. Before buying the header, make sure it will work with your specific model of car.

In conclusion, the Walker Exhaust Header is a solid and efficient power modification for vehicles that need better exhaust flow.

In conclusion, if you want more power and a better exhaust note from your Jeep 258, changing the headers is a great place to start. There are so many good choices out there that anyone may discover something that works for them. With any luck, you’ve found what you’re looking for among these top 10 finest headers for Jeep 258.

How to Find the Perfect Jeep 258 Header: A Detailed Overview

The Jeep 258 engine is a tried-and-true powerplant that has served numerous Jeep models well. A high-quality header is one option for enhancing this engine’s performance. Power, torque, and efficiency can all be improved by installing headers and allowing more exhaust gas to leave the engine. However, the Jeep 258 may be fitted with a wide variety of heads, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. To help you make an educated decision when boosting your Jeep’s performance, this guide will examine the top header options for the Jeep 258 engine.

What’s the Point of Changing Your Header?

The benefits of header replacement should be understood before we delve into the intricacies of the numerous Jeep 258 headers available. Headers, as we discussed, are meant to improve the exhaust’s ability to leave the engine. It is possible to boost both horsepower and torque by decreasing back pressure caused by the exhaust gases as they leave the engine. You can get a huge performance boost for your Jeep 258 engine by replacing the header.

The installation of a new header may improve performance, but this is not a given. Your engine is a complicated system, and improving just one part may not yield noticeable performance benefits. When possible, it’s preferable to think of a new header as part of a bigger update package rather than as a separate add-on. If you want to boost your Jeep’s performance, a header is a good place to begin.

Formats for Headers

It’s vital to have a feel for the variety of Jeep 258 headers out there before diving into specific selections. There are primarily three kinds of headers:

The stock exhaust manifold is replaced by the shorter, more efficient Shorty Headers. They don’t require any alterations to your Jeep’s exhaust system and are often simpler to install than long-tube headers. However, they might not be as effective as long-tube headers for boosting performance.

Middle-of-the-road headers are a compromise between shorty and long-tube lengths. They combine low-effort setup with noticeable performance improvements.

Headers with Long TubesLong-tube headers are the most performance-oriented option. They are notoriously challenging to install and may necessitate extensive work on your Jeep’s exhaust system. But they provide the greatest performance boost of any heading type.


If you want to get the most out of your Jeep 258 engine, upgrading the header is a good place to start. It’s crucial to select the ideal header for your purposes. With any luck, this article has shed some light on the many header alternatives and helped you narrow down your choices. In order to see noticeable improvements in your Jeep’s performance, you may need to invest in a few different enhancements. However, if you want a more powerful Jeep, increasing the header is a good place to begin.


What Jeep 258 header would you recommend?

Which Jeep 258 header is suitable for you and your vehicle depends on both of those factors. Borla’s Stainless Steel Header, Flowtech’s Jeep 258 Header, and Hooker’s Competition Header are just a few of the many excellent choices.

What are the benefits of installing a header on my Jeep 258?

If you want more power and torque from your Jeep 258, installing a header is a good place to start.

Will adding a header to my Jeep 258 improve its sound quality?

Adding a header to your Jeep 258 can improve the vehicle’s tone.

How difficult is it to put a header on a Jeep 258 by myself?

Putting in a header on a Jeep 258 is a job that most do-it-yourselfers should be able to handle.

How much does a Jeep 258 header usually go for?

How much you’ll spend on a new header for your Jeep 258 will be determined on the make and model you go with. Prices for headers typically range from $100 to $500.

Can I expect my Jeep 258 to gain speed with a header?

A header will assist your Jeep 258 go faster and accelerate more quickly, that much is true.

Will my Jeep 258’s gas mileage improve if I put in a header?

The efficiency of your Jeep 258’s engine could be increased by installing a header, which could lead to better gas mileage.

Does putting a header on my Jeep 258 have any drawbacks?

The installation of a header on your Jeep 258 may reduce its ground clearance and increase the amount of noise heard within the vehicle.

Could I install a turbo or supercharged with a header on my Jeep 258?

The answer is yes, a wide variety of headers can be used with turbo and supercharger systems.

Does putting a header on a Jeep 258 necessitate tuning the engine?

After installing a header, tuning your Jeep 258 is recommended, though not required, for best results and trouble-free operation.