Top 10 Best Jeep Gladiator Exhausts for a Better Driving Experience

The Jeep Gladiator, because to its rugged construction and off-road characteristics, is one of the most well-liked cars on the road today. Changing out the factory exhaust system for a high-quality aftermarket one is a great way to increase your Jeep’s performance. The best Jeep Gladiator exhaust systems currently on the market are listed below in order of quality.

Borla Cat-Back Exhaust System

Borla is widely recognized as a top name in the exhaust market. You may expect more output, torque, and gas mileage from your car after installing one of their cat-back exhaust systems. T-304 stainless steel, known for its strength and resistance to corrosion, is used in the construction of Borla exhaust systems.

The exhaust noise produced by a Borla system is intended to be both forceful and athletic. You can even customize the volume of some systems to suit your needs. There is no need to make any adjustments to your car in order to install the systems because they are meant to be a direct bolt-on installation.

In conclusion, the Borla Cat-Back Exhaust Systems are an excellent option for anyone interested in enhancing the sound and efficiency of their car. They are exceptionally well-designed and crafted, and the guarantee lasts forever.

Flowmaster American Thunder Exhaust System

Improved power and torque, as well as a low, rumbling growl, come included with the Flowmaster American Thunder Exhaust System, an option tailor-made for muscle and classic automobiles. It is mandrel-bent for optimal flow and longevity and constructed from high-quality stainless steel.

The system includes Flowmaster mufflers, which are noted for their signature tone, and a choice of tip options to tailor the aesthetic of your exhaust. The American Thunder system is simple to install thanks to its bolt-on design, which eliminates the need for any cutting or welding.

Overall, this exhaust system is a popular choice among vehicle enthusiasts who want to boost the performance and sound of their muscle or classic automobile. However, before taking it out on the streets, you should make sure it complies with all applicable rules in your area.

MagnaFlow Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System

Your car’s performance and sound can both benefit from installing a high-quality exhaust system, like the MagnaFlow Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System. The system is meant to provide a low, menacing rumble that is really fantastic to hear while behind the wheel. The system is built to last with durable components including stainless steel and a polished tip.

Customers have said that the MagnaFlow Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System was simple to set up and gave their vehicles a noticeable performance boost. The system’s rich, forceful sound that wasn’t too loud was also praised by the vehicle experts and fans as making it a great option for daily driving.

Overall, the MagnaFlow Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System is a terrific purchase for anyone wishing to improve the sound and performance of their car. It’s durable, high-quality, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

MBRP Black Series Cat-Back Exhaust System

If you want to upgrade the sound and efficiency of your car, go no further than the MBRP Black Series Cat-Back Exhaust System. This exhaust system’s sturdy stainless steel construction ensures it won’t rust or corrode over time.

This exhaust system’s enhanced noise quality is immediately noticeable. Your car will sound more robust and sporty with the addition of the MBRP Black Series Cat-Back Exhaust System.

The enhanced performance is another another advantage of this exhaust system. The MBRP Black Series Cat-Back Exhaust System is designed to maximize exhaust flow for maximum engine performance.

The MBRP Black Series Cat-Back Exhaust System requires no special tools for installation and may be done in the carport or driveway. All of the fittings and instructions needed to set up the exhaust system are included in the package.

In sum, the MBRP Black Series Cat-Back Exhaust System is a worthwhile investment because it enhances your car’s performance and gives it a more menacing tone. It’s built to last out of stainless steel, can be mounted on a broad variety of cars, and requires minimal effort to set up.

AFE Power Twisted Steel Headers

Due to its increased efficiency and long lifespan, AFE Power Twisted Steel Headers are a favorite among car enthusiasts. High-quality stainless steel is used in the fabrication of these mandrel-bent headers. The headers’ twisted design is another element that aids in reducing turbulence and increasing exhaust scavenging efficiency.

The AFE Power Twisted Steel Headers, as stated by a number of reviews, are able to significantly enhance both horsepower and torque, particularly in the rpm sweet spot. In comparison to the factory headers, the exhaust tone produced by these is both deeper and more aggressive. The headers are made to be fully compatible with the stock exhaust system, making installation a breeze.

Overall, the AFE Power Twisted Steel Headers are a good improvement for people who want to boost the performance and sound of their vehicle. However, it is crucial to know that installing aftermarket headers is a modification that may void your vehicle’s warranty and may not be allowed in all places.

Corsa Sport Cat-Back Exhaust System

The purpose of the Corsa Sport Cat-Back Exhaust System is to enhance the sound and efficiency of your car. The system is manufactured from high-quality materials that are engineered to deliver optimal flow and reduce back pressure. The exhaust system has a straight-through style muffler, which creates a deep, forceful tone without being excessively loud. The muffler is also engineered to eliminate drone, offering a comfortable cabin experience.

Bolt-on installation is a breeze with the Corsa Sport Cat-Back Exhaust System. It does not require any welding or changes to your vehicle. The system also boasts polished stainless steel construction, which gives a beautiful appearance to the underbelly of the vehicle.

In conclusion, the Corsa Sport Cat-Back Exhaust System is a great option for anyone hoping to enhance their car’s efficiency and tone. It gives off an aggressive, low tone without being overbearing or droning. The high-quality craftsmanship and straightforward installation make it a fantastic value for the price.

Dynomax Cat-Back Exhaust System

Dynomax is a popular brand that manufactures high-quality exhausts for a wide range of vehicles. Those who own pickup trucks or sport utility vehicles who want to improve their vehicle’s performance and sound should look into purchasing a Dynomax Cat-Back Exhaust System.

This exhaust system is constructed from corrosion-resistant and long-lasting stainless steel. It also features mandrel-bent tubing, which improves exhaust flow and hence power.

The exhaust tone produced by the Dynomax Cat-Back Exhaust System is deep and strong, giving your pickup or SUV an air of superiority. An Ultra Flo Welded muffler is included in the exhaust system to lessen exhaust backpressure and improve exhaust sound.

The Dynomax Cat-Back Exhaust System is an excellent device that helps your vehicle run better and sound better. If you want to improve your vehicle’s performance and give it a more assertive exhaust noise, this is a wonderful option for you.

Gibson Performance Cat-Back Exhaust System

Increased power and torque are only two of the benefits of installing a Gibson Performance Cat-Back Exhaust System. Durable stainless steel construction and mandrel-bent tubing provide smooth operation and maximum airflow. The aggressive, low-pitched sound produced by the system is muffled by stainless steel mufflers with a one-of-a-kind chambered and baffled design.

Customer evaluations claim that the Gibson Performance Cat-Back Exhaust System, in conjunction with an aftermarket air intake system, produces significant increases in horsepower and torque. Most drivers have also reported a marked improvement in responsiveness to the accelerator and overall performance. Bolt-on connections and detailed instructions make the exhaust system a breeze to set up.

However, not all consumers have had success with the system’s installation, claiming that it doesn’t line up properly with the OEM hangers. In addition, the exhaust noise may be overly loud or droney for some customers.

The Gibson Performance Cat-Back Exhaust System is an excellent exhaust system that improves performance noticeably and produces a powerful growl. Please do your homework and check out several reviews before making a purchase.

Kooks Cat-Back Exhaust System

The Kooks Cat-Back Exhaust System is designed to improve the performance, sound, and appearance of your vehicle. It features high-quality materials and construction, such as stainless steel tubing, mufflers, and tips. The system may be customized to suit different preferences, such as the diameter of tubing or the sound level.

Customers generally appreciate the increase in horsepower and torque, as well as the deeper and more aggressive exhaust tone. Some also report better fuel efficiency and throttle response. However, the installation process may be challenging for some, as it requires skilled and precise fitting and welding. It is also important to note that the exhaust system may not be legal or compliant with emissions regulations in certain states or regions.

Overall, the Kooks Cat-Back Exhaust System can be a worthwhile upgrade for car enthusiasts who seek more performance and personality from their vehicles.

Rugged Ridge Spartacus Performance Exhaust System

When it comes to exhaust systems for Jeep Wranglers, the Rugged Ridge Spartacus Performance Exhaust System is among the best. This exhaust system is constructed of stainless steel and has mandrel-bent tubing for increased exhaust velocity and decreased backpressure. As a result, both output and efficiency have improved.

The powerful sound of the Rugged Ridge Spartacus Performance Exhaust System is one of its defining characteristics. The exhaust system produces a low, rumbling sound that commands attention. Some drivers, especially those seeking a more subdued exhaust tone, may find this one to be excessively loud.

The Rugged Ridge Spartacus Performance Exhaust System has a simple design and can be installed in about an hour. Complete installation instructions and all hardware are included with the exhaust system purchase.

If you own a Jeep Wrangler and want to enhance its performance and sound, the Rugged Ridge Spartacus Performance Exhaust System is a great option. The kit is well-made, simple to install, and yields a significant increase in HP and torque. The exhaust tone is fairly loud, so drivers should be aware that it may not be ideal for all situations.

To sum up, your Jeep Gladiator’s performance, sound, and visual appeal can all benefit from a new exhaust system. You’ll be able to choose the best option for your situation and budget among these top 10.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Jeep Gladiator by Changing Its Exhaust

The Jeep Gladiator is strong and adaptable, making it suitable for use on a wide range of terrains. It’s a fantastic off-road vehicle that gives you the muscle and speed to do amazing feats.

Improve the Jeep Gladiator’s performance by upgrading to a new exhaust system with more flow, decreased backpressure, and additional horsepower. The Jeep Gladiator’s acceleration and performance can benefit from an exhaust system, which also improves the vehicle’s sound.

If you aren’t familiar with the various options, it can be difficult to select the finest exhaust system for your Jeep Gladiator. This article will provide you with useful guidance for choosing an exhaust system for your Jeep Gladiator.

Let’s look at the Jeep Gladiator exhaust options available, what they offer, and how you should think about buying one for your vehicle.

Various Exhaust Methods

There are numerous types of exhaust systems designed for the Jeep Gladiator. However, cat-back, axle-back, and header-back exhausts are by far the most typical. In the sections that follow, we’ll delve deeper into each of these topics.

Cat-Back Mufflers

Jeep Gladiator owners often opt for the cat-back exhaust system. The factory catalytic converter is left in place while the muffler and tailpipes are replaced with the cat-back exhaust system.

Most manufacturers design their cat-back exhaust systems to be a drop-in, no-modification replacement, so you can get it on your car without having to buy any new tools or learn any new techniques.

If you want to improve your Jeep Gladiator’s performance while keeping the exhaust sound to a minimum, a cat-back exhaust system is the way to go.

Axle-Back Mufflers

While keeping the stock pipes in place, an axle-back exhaust system upgrades the muffler and the rear resonators. Axle-back exhaust systems are common because of their inexpensive price and ease of installation.

The setup procedure is very simple, taking only a short amount of time to finish. However, unlike the cat-back system, the axle-back setup does not significantly boost performance.

Exhaust Tailpipe Backer

The complete exhaust system, from the header to the tailpipes, is replaced with the header-back exhaust system. The most noticeable increase in power and torque is achieved with this type of exhaust system.

If you want to get the most out of your Jeep Gladiator, a header-back exhaust system is the way to go. The installation process for this type of exhaust system can be time-consuming and requires certain tools and abilities.

Exhaust Systems: What to Look for

Several things should be taken into account when deciding on an exhaust system for your Jeep Gladiator. Some of the more crucial ones are listed below:

Used Substances

The material utilized in a Jeep Gladiator exhaust system can substantially effect its performance and durability. Metals such as stainless steel, aluminized steel, and titanium dominate the exhaust system market.

Because of its longevity and resistance to corrosion, stainless steel has become the material of choice. Aluminized steel is more affordable, but it doesn’t last as long as stainless steel. Although titanium offers the highest price and performance, it is rarely used in jeep exhaust systems.

Discharge Sound

The exhaust note is the sound generated by your Jeep Gladiator’s exhaust system. Some individuals enjoy a powerful and resonant exhaust noise, while others prefer something quieter. When deciding on an exhaust system, it’s important to think about how it will affect your driving experience.

Improved Efficiency

Your Jeep Gladiator’s performance can benefit from a new exhaust system. Selecting an exhaust system that noticeably improves both horsepower and torque is a must.


Finally, the cost of the exhaust system must be taken into account. Pick a strategy that fits your financial constraints while yet giving you excellent returns on your investment.


Investing in a high-quality exhaust system for your Jeep Gladiator can do wonders for its performance, comfort, and sound while driving. The material, sound, performance advantages, and price should all be taken into account when settling on an exhaust system.

When shopping for an exhaust system, only buy from reputed brands who stand behind their products. Maintaining your Jeep Gladiator’s exhaust system is essential to getting the most out of its performance and sound.


How about some advice on the best Jeep Gladiator exhaust system?

The Jeep Gladiator may be outfitted with a wide variety of exhausts, but the Flowmaster American Thunder is often regarded as the best of the bunch.

Can I legally upgrade the exhaust on my Jeep Gladiator?

As long as the exhaust system is quiet enough and doesn’t produce too many emissions for your area, then yes.

To what extent will upgrading my Jeep Gladiator’s exhaust system increase its performance?

Better and smoother airflow is achieved with an aftermarket exhaust system, which boosts power, torque, and efficiency.

What is the most suitable construction material for an exhaust system?

Stainless steel is one of the greatest options for an exhaust system because it lasts longer than titanium, doesn’t corrode, and costs less.

Will installing a new exhaust on my Jeep Gladiator alter its sound?

A replacement exhaust system will be noticeably louder and more assertive than the factory unit.

How much does a new Jeep Gladiator exhaust system typically cost to have professionally installed?

Aftermarket exhaust systems range in price from several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on factors including make, material, and level of difficulty. Usually, you may expect to pay between $300 and $1,000.

When shopping for an exhaust system for my Jeep Gladiator, what should I prioritize?

Material, sound, performance benefits, fit, and warranty are all important factors to consider.

Can the Jeep Gladiator’s exhaust system be upgraded without professional help?

To avoid any mishaps or damage to your vehicle, it’s best to have a skilled mechanic put in your new exhaust system.

What are the benefits of switching to an aftermarket exhaust system?

The benefits include enhanced functionality, more power and torque, reduced fuel consumption, and a more assertive and sporting roar.

What happens to my Jeep Gladiator’s warranty if I install a new aftermarket exhaust system?

The manufacturer and the details of your warranty will determine this. It is crucial to examine the warranty terms before installing an aftermarket exhaust system.